November 06, 2009

God's Plan Is Never Plan B

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Testimony of Nuvia Molina MontaƱo

When I was pregnant with my son, I was very ill and was confined to bed.  During this time, a pastor and his wife visited me and shared the Word of God.  I listened to what they shared.  Every week they returned to teach me.  When they gave me a Bible, I began to not just read it but to study it, trying to understand as many details as possible.  All of this was while I was bed-ridden.  It was the first time that I read the Bible and learned about Jesus.  I quickly had an insatiable thirst to know this Jesus.

When I was better, I began to go to the church.  I liked it so much that I wouldn’t miss even one Sunday.  In the beginning, my husband didn’t go with me and sometimes he was angry that I went.  When I was 8 months pregnant, I prepared to be baptized.  Two weeks before my baptism, my husband also decided to be baptized, and we were baptized together!  It was the most beautiful experience.  After that I was anxious to do someting useful for the Lord.  My pastor suggested that I help in Sunday School.  Four years later, during a Jesus Film showing, God spoke to me and asked me to teach a small group of children.  Later, I added a group of adults and then we formed a church.

Later, I began traveling from Santa Domingo to Quito to study at the Seminary, leaving my husband to care for my four children.  Then my daughter got sick and needed an operation, so I had to leave my studies.  This hurt me because I dreamed of finishing my degree together with my husband.  But, praise God, we are now living at the Seminary and are preparing ourselves to open a work in the city of Quito with the help of another pastor.  Our passion is to reach those that don’t know God or are apart from Him through evangelism.  We want to always serve our God with love and passion.

Thanks to the grace of God we are able to return to our studies although many times it is difficult to study, work to pay for our studies, and supply our children’s needs.  However, we will not quit and we trust in the grace of God.  I am grateful to God who has allowed us to continue our preparation and who blesses our family.