February 29, 2016

Would You Pray?

What if you lived in the murder capital of the world?  
Would you pray?
What if your wife had cancer and there was no medication available?  
Would you pray?
What if you had to stand in line for 9 hours to buy bread?
Would you pray? 
What if you couldn't go out after dark because of life-threatening danger?
Would you pray?
What if you made $25/month and a tire for your 1976 car cost $200?
Would you pray?

What if in your church you regularly saw...
- dozens of new followers of Jesus make a life-changing profession of faith
- saw instantaneous miracles of healing
- people divinely delivered from a lifetime of addiction, and crippling sin

- couples living together for years with multiple children kneeling before the Lord to ask Him to be the Lord of the home and getting married for the first time...

(Thoughts from Warren Lathem, Methodist missionary)

Today these situations are part of everyday life in Venezuela.

Would you pray? 

We are asking you to join us in prayer for the people of Venezuela who are living in these circumstances everyday.  8 out of 10 families cannot afford the cost of food in a week so they are eating only two meals a day.  

Please help us pray for these things:

  • Pray for safety
  • Pray for the emotional strain of providing the basic needs and that overall situation of the country would be improved. People can only buy food on certain days and the lines are so long. 
  • Pray for our pastors and leaders as they minister to their congregations and also to the communities around them.  
  • Pray for ones that need medical attention
  • Pray that they will continue to look to God for strength and hope.  
  • Pray that God will pour out his never ending love and mercy on the people of the country.  

Thank you-Seminary Scholarships

We want to thank you for your generous response for the Venezuela Seminary Student Scholarships.  These are the two girls that you are partnering with to fulfill God's calling on their lives. On the left, is Maria Ollarves who is attending seminary for the first time, and she is from the Centro District in San Felipe, Venezuela.  On the right is Joselvia Rodriguez Garcia who is returning for her second year in her studies in Theology to receive her ministers licence.  She is from the Llanos District in Barinas, Venezuela.  
The yearly cost for a Venezuelan student to come to study in our Seminary in Quito is $1350. This includes round trip airfare between the two countries, tuition, food, and housing.

If the Lord leads you, you may still contribute through the North Andean Field Partnership.   For the project name please mention Venezuela Seminary Scholarships.

District Assemblies on the NAF

Colombia's Central North District celebrated it's 40th district assembly with Missionary Dr. Luis Meza presiding.  It was a time of giving praise to the Lord and each pastor gave a testimony to the powerful work of the Lord in their local church. The church, Por Su Gracia, was organized during this assembly.  Pastor Juan Soto and his wife Diana Carolina are the pastors of this church.  Photo credit of all the Colombia assemblies go to Juan Soto. 

The Ecuador Sierra North District held it's 27th district assembly this past weekend in the Manantial de Vida Church of the Nazarene in Quito, Ecuador.  the district reported 4,066 members, 40 churches, 6 missions and organized 2 churches this year. 

NAF Director Dwight Rich asked the district licensed pastors to quote a passage from the Bible in Quechua, since the majority of them were Indigenous pastors.

The Venezuela LLanos District Assembly was held in Barinas, Venezuela and District Superintendent Carlos Cordero presided over the assembly. Rafael Trejo is the District Superintendent of the Llanos District. photo credits got to Allan Jose Díaz Petit. Thank you Allan

Venezuela Llanos District Assembly

February 22, 2016

Colombia District Assemblies

The NAF holds our district assemblies during the months of Feb and March.  Here are some pictures in Colombia District Assemblies presided by Missionary Dr. Luis Meza. This is the South Central District in the LLuvias de Bendición Church, Showers of Blessing Church. 
This is the assembly held at the Eje Cafetero District. 

 This is the assembly held at the Northwest District in Medellin, Colombia. 

The Ecuador Coast District held it's 40th district assembly this past weekend in the Sembrador Church of the Nazarene in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  The district reported 52 churches, 23 missions and organized 3 new churches this year. 

The congregation is praying over District Superintendent, Eduardo Meza and his wife Rocio for God to continue to bless them and their family this next year. 
This is the great team of volunteers that greeted and assisted the pastors and delegates when they arrived.  
 There was standing room only in the back of the church with a great turn out of pastors and delegates filling all the chairs. 

NAF Director Dwight Rich is preaching at the assembly.

Venezuela District Assembly

The newly elected leaders are being prayed over by District Superintendent Carlos Cordero. 
District Superintendent, Serafin Camargo of the Andino District is presenting his report.
Children like to attend district assembly also.

Venezuela Andino district held their annual district assembly in Bramon, Venezuela this week end, Feb 13,2016

February 09, 2016

Austro District Assembly

The Ecuador Austro District held their district assembly this past week end in Sucuá, Ecuador.   
NAF Director Dwight Rich is presenting cards of promise to the pastors to prayerfully consider their goals of their church for the year 2020.   

District Superintendent Antonio Lucero 

This lady is a pastor of a mission. 

A Shuar pastor giving his report. 

The pastor of the Sucuá church giving his report.  This church is on the corner of the main plaza in town. 

This pastor gave his testimony in his report of how he won his 5 nieces and nephews to the Lord this year. 

This group sang a song in their language, the Shuar language. 

District Superintendent Antonio Lucero is installing the new leaders for year 2016. 
NAF Director Dwight Rich gave a sermon on Sunday morning. District Superintendent Antonio Lucero is praying while Rev. Dwight Rich is praying over the ones that chose to make the step of fully committing their lives to God.

District Superintendent Antonio Lucero is praying a prayer of gratitude  over NAF Directors Dwight and Carolyn Rich for their 31 years of service as missionaries in Ecuador.  

NAF Conference

We are so thankful to the Lord for the NAF leaders and pastors who were able to attend a training conference in Bogotá, Colombia.  Certain pastors from Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela were selected to participate in a pilot project for South America called “Living Out the Great Commission".  There are four specific focuses:  Revival, Pastoral Care, Disciples in Ministry, and Effective Communication-Telling the Story.

The full group of NAF leaders
Luis Meza District Superintendent from Colombia presenting at the conference. 

Pastor Geraldo Nunes from Brzil presenting
NAF Director Dwight Rich presenting during the conference

Prayer time for the NAF countries and the church. 

The leaders from Colombia at the conference.

The leaders from Ecuador at the conference

The leaders from Venezuela at the conference.

February 01, 2016

Ibarra Church of the Nazarene- United Service

The Ibarra Church of the Nazarene brought unity to the churches in the area by holding a zone event, Sunday, Jan. 24. The congregation of 380 people worshiped in song with many church choir presentations before Dr. Jerry Porter, the guest speaker, preached on, "Making a New Change in Your Life". At the end of the service 30 people came forward to pray. We give praise to the Lord for this time of unity for the zone.
Pastors Yoan and Astrid Camacaro are the pastors of the Ibarra church along with the assistance of Nazarene Extreme team.  Please pray for cluster family Kurtis and Emily Strunk as they will be returning early to the States for medical help for Kurtis.  The Extreme team will be finishing their two year ministry in April.

Pastor Yoan Carmacaro is praying over the ones that came forward to pray.  

We have raised the money!

Thank you so much for the prayer on behalf of Raquel Fajardo and to the many who have given to make her medical treatments possible. Raquel is much improved and the weekly treatments are now down to bi-weekly.  And Praise the Lord we have reached the goal of $5000 to cover the cost of the treatments! The family is so grateful for your help!