February 25, 2013

The new District NYI leaders for Llanos 

We are thankful for our Venezuela Church family and the growth of the church.  Since we have no missionaries living within the country, Dwight Rich is there for conventions, district assemblies and other business.  He will be returning back to Ecuador Feb. 25 after spending two weeks in Venezuela. Feb and March are when all the conventions and assemblies are held in the North Andean Field. During the month of March, Dwight and Carolyn Rich, along with Dr. Christian Sarmiento, Regional Director, will be traveling with General Superintendent Dr. Graves and his wife to all three countries in the Andean Area presiding over assemblies and ordaining ministers.  Local assemblies in Ecuador have been held by the help of District Superintendent, Hernan Puga and Dana Howard. Missionary, Luis Meza has been presiding over assemblies in Colombia. This is an exciting time for our churches in which we can see growth and hear testimonies of how God is working through our people to build His church.   

Mission Corps Volunteers Come in All Ways

We give thanks for all of our Mission Corps Volunteers that come to serve.  Sometimes they are long term or short term and sometimes we just have volunteers that show up!  Keith Spicer from Oregon flew in with Mission Corps Volunteers, Al and Diane Wright  to stay a couple days until his motorcyle comes in a shipment.  He discovered that his motorcyle is not going to arrive here as soon as he planned so he is helping out in our shop cutting steel for our next team.  What a blessing!  When Keith's motorcyle comes in he will be riding through South America for two months.  Keep him in your prayers.  Thank you Keith for willingly helping out

Introducing Extreme -Ambato Ecuador 40/40

The North Andean Field has entered into a partnership with Extreme Nazarene Ministries to plant the church in 4 Ecuador cities where we presently do not have work.  The cities are Ambato, Ibarra, Manta, and Portoviejo.  

Extreme Strategy
We will be using a modified Master's Plan approach.  This is the strategy that is being used by our big church in Cali, Colombia.  Each city will receive a team of 14 people composed of a national pastoral couple, a support couple, 5 Ecuadorian young people, and 5 North American young people.  Using a cell group approach, the goal is to plant a fully self-supporting, governing, and propagating organized church within two years with an average attendance of 200.  Then a building will be built with teams for the new congregation.

40/40 Missionaries
The new church is to be planted in a middle to upper-class neighborhood with the purpose of becoming a strong church in every aspect and being the launching point for planting more churches within the city.  The young church planters will be called 40/40 missionaries.  Each 40/40 will raise his/her own support.  One of the goals of the project is to raise up a group of trained missionaries who following this project can be considered for missionary service to other parts of South America and then to the ends of the Earth.
 The first team, to work in Ambato, begins training in Peru on January 20, 2013.  They have already been selected and are in the process of raising their funding.  The Ecuadorian youth have to raise $3600 for the two-year period.  This works out to a monthly amount of $150 to cover food, housing, medical insurance, and transportation

We would like to invite you to be involved
We would like to invite you to be involved by investing in the lives of these young people, called by God to serve as missionary church planters.  We need to begin immersing these church planting teams and the target cities in prayer.  We would also like to invite you to be involved financially in helping these kids meet their obligations.  This may be done through a one-time donation to the team or a specific youth, or it could be done through a commitment to give monthly any amount that the Lord might lead you to give. We will give you more details about the project in the coming weeks!  

Ariel and Luis

Local Church:   Shell Church of the Nazarene in Shell, Ecuador
District:  Sierra Centro
Extreme Ambato Ecuador 40/40

Both boys have experience in missions in working with the Shuar Indians close to where they live.

I am Ariel Pérez and I am from a small jungle town called Shell.   I went to elementary school in Quito, Ecuador and I went to high school in Shell.  I received a degree in Physics and I am studying at the University. The story of Nate Saint, told in the movie  "End of the Spear" impacted my life to serve God.  Those five missionaries that were killed were based out of the town of Shell, where I live.  They were killed as they tried to minister  to the Waorani Indians.  I am going to work with Extreme Nazarene and  my biggest dream is to serve God. 

I am Luis Gutiérrez. I went to elementary school in Fiscal Cristóbal Colon and I went to high school at Jorge Icaza in Shell.  I was also a child in  the program, Compassion International.  I have been involved in missions in my local church.  I love people so much that I want to take the gospel to them.

Abigail Crespín.

District:  Coasta
Extreme Ambato Ecuador 40/40

She was extremely ill with rheumatoid arthritis, which left her unable to move or walk for months on end. Victims of this disease usually are left with severe deformities. But Abigail shares how one night, unable to sleep and unable to move, she was crying out to the Lord for relief when she felt someone enter the room. Facedown on the bed, she couldn't see who it was, but felt his presense. Then she felt two hands pressing down on her back, where the horrible pain was centered that night. Upon the release, the pain subsided, and she gave in to the fatigue. The next morning though, when she began to walk around for the first time in months, she knew the Lord had touched her. During the course of the following month, she astounded doctors with her complete healing!

Now Abigail wants to serve the Lord with her whole heart, and will be a 40/40 in the coastal city of Manta, beginning next summer.  

Nikol Calderón

Local ChurchBellavista Church of the Nazarene in Riobamba, Ecuador
District:  Sierra Centro
Extreme Ambato Ecuador 40/40

I give thanks to my heavenly father because since I was a little girl He has given me the opportunity to serve in the church and in Sunday School.  When I was 15, I was praying at the altar in a church sunrise service on a Tuesday at 5 am. Through a song by Jesús Adrián Romero called "Aqui Estoy- Here I am," our Lord Jesus called me to serve. I answered just like the words in the song say, "Father God you don't need to look for anyone else, I want to go, now is my time, here are my hours, here am I.  My life is for you and I want to invest in you, here are my years, here am I."  Since that day my desire is to serve God and I am doing that in my local church and it is an incomparable privilege to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Christ Jesus.
    I was in my fourth year of Clinical Psychology which I chose to serve my "neighbor", to help him spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Now through Nazarene Extreme I can complete this call that God gave me and I am available to put in practice all my acquired knowledge and work for the Kingdom of God here in my country.  My Father God has always shown his love and power and has completed his promises.  I choose to follow Christ and it is the best decision that I could have made in my life.  I want to love and faithfully serve until the last breathe that I take. I am available to give everything to Him and to leave everything for Him because I love Him!!

Meet: Nancy Ojeda
Local Church:   Iglesia del Nazareno Bellavista, Riobamba
:  Sierra Centro 
Extreme Ecuador Ambato 40/40                                                                                   

My call became real through a ministry  called CAUSE while working in a small community. My passion is to help other people, it doesn't matter the climate, distance, money or other needs that are necessary to help.  I have always had faith that the Lord will provide. When the Lord called me he said, "Now is the time to serve in Extreme Nazarene,"  I was in my 4th year studying Economics in the university and leading the youth in my church.  His word became very clear to me in Luke 9:23-27.  Yes, I want to be your disciple and serve and I have to forget about what I want to do in life and leave it behind.  It is no good for me to try to conquer the world and do my will  and be lost forever.  "I resign from everything that I am and what I have obtained.  I am ready to do what you want in my life. Help me to be a useful instrument."