June 07, 2017

The Value of Long-Term Investment



Five years ago a small team from MNU, Mid-America University, came to Ecuador.  One of their many projects was to put up a portable chapel in San Pedro, a little town outside of Riobamba on the Sierra Centro District where Mario Paredes is the District Superintendent. 

The location of the donated property was in the middle of a cabbage field.  They literally helped the church people dig up the cabbage plants to make room for the chapel. 
The portable chapel was placed in two other locations before coming to San Pedro, one being Los Treboles in Quito South. 

Our daughter Krista was on that group!

Then a month ago a team from Montrose, CO helped San Pedro build a permanent church building as they had outgrown the portable chapel.

Two weeks later a small team from PLNU, Point Loma Nazarene University took down little chapel in San Pedro and moved it to it’s new home called Nueva Tierra, New Land, on a corner property in the town of Riobamba for another Quechua congregation that is starting to grow.



The portable chapel easily holds 50 people but many more have have been packed into this little chapel at a time.

The portable chapel has served it's purpose to serve many people in it’s life.

An investment of $2,500 has provided 4 church starts to have a place to grow until they have their permanent building.

The life long investment is so much more than the dollar amount when you stop to think on how many people have come to know Christ because someone gave.

Sewing New Seeds

This is the portable chapel that the California PLNU Loveworks 2017 put up in Jama, Ecuador on the North Coast District. The Jama, rented, Church of the Nazarene building was destroyed during the April, 2016,  7.8 earthquake. There were 33 people killed in this small town.  It was good to see some of the repairs slowly happening in the neighborhoods.
This chapel was welded by Global Serve Volunteer Ron Boeve. 

PLNU LoveWorks went to Esmeraldas to find 70 anxious children waiting for them an hour before the program was to start. Many seeds were sown in the hearts of the children in this area.  The team felt a heavy burden for the many needs in the lives of the children.  They loved on the children, played games with them and introduced them to Jesus, a friend they can trust at all times.
It was hard leaving as the children looked in the teams eyes and asked them when they were coming back. 

Please pray for the PLNU LoveWorks team. They have many memories and thoughts to process as they return to their busy summer schedules.

Crystal Clear Communication!

     Uncle Ralph, is what the team called Ralph from the Montrose, Colorado Work and Witness team that worked with their Quichua brothers and sisters to build a church in San Pedro de Tunchi, outside of Riobamba, Ecuador on the Sierra Centro District.
      Kely, is a 3 year old girl whose parents attend the San Pedro Church and she was at the project everyday because her mother worked in the kitchen.  
It wasn't long until Kely spotted Uncle Ralph and they quickly developed a friendship. She would go and find him on the job site and lead him by his hand into the house to play.  
      Kely was always bundled up in a nice warm hat and jacket to keep warm and one day when Uncle Ralph was holding her, she reached up and pointed to his hearing aid.  He took it out and showed it to her.  Kely pulled off her hat and pointed to her own hearing device on her little headband. She knew they had a common bond. All this communication happened without words. 
      Kely was born with one ear completely closed and the other ear was totally deformed. All of her communicating is through gestures, shaking her head or a few words.  It will be a while before she will be able to be operated on. Medics say that it would be wise to wait until Kely is 10 to have an operation.  
      Uncle Ralph and Kely developed a bond and a friendship without words, without talking but the communication was very clear even through the different languages.  

Kelly and Uncle Ralph before the team left.

           Kelly's hearing device is not working properly and it will cost a lot of money to get it repaired.
           Her parents are taxi drivers and it is hard to save money to help Kelly.

A Piece of the Puzzle

The California PLNU LoveWorks 2017 team has been working hard the last two weeks in the Sierra Centro District.  District Superintendent Mario Paredes has been introducing them to new areas in the province of Bolivar, the poorest area in Ecuador.   They moved a portable chapel from one area to another so that a new congregation will have a place to worship.  They painted in three different churches, two being new start churches, in their compassion buildings, in Chambo, Las Naves and Las Sabanetillas. Everyday they held children's services with as many as 200 children in some of the services.  
Despite traveling from cold to hot climate, one short trip descending 9.000 ft. altitude, and going by many landslide areas they are doing well.  They are relaxing and having a re-grouping time in Quito this week end.
They are learning a lot about culture and making many new friends.
As one of the girls on the team explained, we are not here to change anything we are just one little piece of the puzzle to show Jesus' love