June 07, 2017

A Piece of the Puzzle

The California PLNU LoveWorks 2017 team has been working hard the last two weeks in the Sierra Centro District.  District Superintendent Mario Paredes has been introducing them to new areas in the province of Bolivar, the poorest area in Ecuador.   They moved a portable chapel from one area to another so that a new congregation will have a place to worship.  They painted in three different churches, two being new start churches, in their compassion buildings, in Chambo, Las Naves and Las Sabanetillas. Everyday they held children's services with as many as 200 children in some of the services.  
Despite traveling from cold to hot climate, one short trip descending 9.000 ft. altitude, and going by many landslide areas they are doing well.  They are relaxing and having a re-grouping time in Quito this week end.
They are learning a lot about culture and making many new friends.
As one of the girls on the team explained, we are not here to change anything we are just one little piece of the puzzle to show Jesus' love

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