March 22, 2015

Jim Cossairt wants to update us.  "I'm in progress with treatment #6. My CT Scan is scheduled for next Thursday. Please join me in praying for good results  We're hoping for the tumors in my lungs to be drastically reduced in size and number and for my lymph nodes to be back to normal size. There's a chance there could be no change at all and I'll have to continue treatments until June for a total of 12.  I continue to be humbled at the support my family and I receive as we journey through this. Thank You just doesn't seem to say enough. Again Prayers are what we need the most. I'm doing better with most of the side effects. Neuropathy and nausea still a battle, but warmer temps help a great deal." Jim and his wife have four daughters and they are caring for his two nephews. Jim needs a miracle and we believe that the hand of God can heal him so please join us in lifting up Jim and his family in prayer. 
Sofi had a small set back in that she developed an infection this past week but she is doing better.  She is still receiving treatments as an outpatient.  Please continue to pray for her as this a lot for a 13 year old to go through.  Please pray that she will stay encouraged. 

Assembly Pictures from Venezuela and Ecuador

Praise God for the reports from all the assemblies on the NAF field. Regional Director, Dr. Christian Sarmiento, chose to take the General Superintendent to districts that had never received the visit of a GS.

The pastors were recognized at the Coast District Assembly

Yuris Correa and his wife are being prayed for by Dr. Christian Sarmiento and District Superintendent Rev. Eudo Prado.  Yuris was one of the seven pastors ordained during an ordination service in Venezuela. 


March 08, 2015

Pictures of the Assemblies and Services

Dr. Jerry Porter challenging the Austro District churches for each person to win another person this coming year.
Rev. Rodrigo Olmedo from Quito was one of four pastors ordained in Riobamba, Ecuador.  Dr. Jerry Porter presided over the service.
General Superintendent Dr. Jerry Porter, Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento and Field Strategy Coordinator Dwight Rich, and the ordained elders are praying for the licensed ministers. Rev. César Avellaneda, the DS is leading the prayer.  Two new ministers were ordained in Bogotá.

March 07, 2015

Colombia and Venezuela District Assemblies '15

Presiding District Superintendent Rafael Trejo is praying over the congregation and leaders of the Lago District in Machiques, Venezuela.  Carlos Cordero is the District Superintendent. 
 Rev. Luis Meza district superintendent is praying over the newly elected leaders in the Eje Cafetero District in Colombia. 

Update on Sofi

We have been praying for Sofi from Bogotá, Colombia who has Leukemia.  She had many friends to help her celebrate her 13th birthday.  Sofi has one more week in the hospital while receiving treatments.  Please remember to pray for her and her family.