March 30, 2014

Prayer Dedication of the Seminary Kitchen

Here are pictures of a prayer dedication that was held for the new seminary equipment that was recently donated and installed. All the mission staff and workers, seminary staff and workers, and NILI staff and NILI students gathered for a time of prayer and unity as they thanked the Lord for the new equipment.  President of the seminary, Fernando Almeida shared some words of encouragement and thankfulness. 

March 22, 2014

Caluma Compassion International Pastoral Family Testimony

We have a testimony from one of our Compassion International pastoral families from Caluma, Ecuador on the Sierra Central District. This week we would like to introduce Geovanny Balderramos, 29 yrs, and Yuly Quinteros, 23 yrs, and their three children. Dennis who is 8 yrs, Alexander, 2 yrs, and Yuly's sister who they have legal custody of, Jimena who is 15 yrs.

By the mercifulness of God, my wife and I have served the Lord together for 9 years. Last year I started studying in the ETED program which are extension classes. After taking three classes I received the call to preach and I felt I should go back to my home church to pastor in the Coast District but God called us to
plant a new church in Caluma in the Province of Bolivar. We accepted the call and we are serving and working in the Compassion International Center.

This is a new and a little difficult for us since we will be far away from family so we ask for your prayers that God will give us the strength, and will cover us with the presence of the Holy Spirit. We know and have faith in our All Powerful God that He will use us and bless us into the work he has called us.

March 16, 2014

Seminary Kitchen Remodel

We posted an article not too long ago of the Aurora, Colorado team that came to work on the seminary kitchen. They tore out cabinets, took up the floor and gutted out the whole kitchen as well as put up a few new walls and remodeled the entrance to the bathrooms in the dining room.  They were a great help in getting the remodeling started.  Once the team left our workers started the plumbing in the floor, painting the walls, and laying new tiles to get the kitchen ready for the new stainless steel equipment. After a few delays it is finally done and the seminary will be cooking meals starting on Monday, March 17.  The pictures will help to explain the finished product.  

The kitchen is divided into three areas.  This is the preparation 
and stove area. 

We had the stoves cleaned up and the  extractor
 vent is above the stove connects to the roof.

This is the clean up area with three sinks located on the other 
of the wall where the stove is. 

This is the heating serving unit that is outside of the kitchen in the
dining room.  It also has a sink unit in the wall behind. 

This sink is used to wash big pots and 
pans and is in the storage area. 
The storage room
This is another view of the clean up area and storage for dishes
This picture is taken looking into the third area of food storage.
This might give you a better idea of where the kitchen areas are located. 

March 15, 2014

Compassion International Center Updates

Two of the Compassion Centers are functioning and three of them are opening up soon. This week supplies were taken to two of the new centers so that they can start having Saturday programs.  Jon and Shirley Fischer along with the DS and Director of the centers, Mario Paredes took 54 pieces of cut glass to put in windows for the Chillanes Center, well when we arrived we only had 53, one broke on the three and half drive.  Two of the pastors of the other centers, Alex and Maycol went along to help for the day.

This is the kitchen all tiles are laid in all rooms in the Chillanes
District Center.

This is the future dining room and soon to be church at
the Chillanes District Center. 

The church floor is tile that looks like wood

one of the classrooms in the front 

one of the classrooms in the back all rooms are painted

the steps that lead up to one of the classrooms

future bathrooms

doors to the church

bars on all the windows

one of the large classrooms with the night guards tent

all the helpers putting in the windows

scenery out the front of the classrooms

scenery at side of the classrooms
unloading the 53 pieces of glass for the windows
The buildings with all the windows in the Chillanes District
Center.  The Nall Ave team from Kansas City poured all the
floors in these buildings over Christmas break. 
Some of the scenery we saw on our 2 day road trip with Mario
Supplies for the Cumanda Center pastors
The Cumanda Center for now, they are looking for property
to build the Center.
The Pastor and Administrator of the Cumanda Center.
Maykol and Janeth and children.  They are from Peru. 
Alex and Cynthia are the Pastors and administrators for the
San Miguel Center.  They are newlyweds of 7 months and
are from Peru.
the kitchen in the San Miguel Pastors home
We brought a new washer and refrigerator for their home
they have been living here for a month without a
Alex and Cynthia live on the first floor.  As you can see the
building is built on a super steep hill.  

March 03, 2014

Cumanda New Church Plant Pastors

The Ecuador Sierra Centro District has launched a new church planting initiative to plant 10 new churches in 2014 in partnership with Compassion International and Stadia.  5 new starts have begun and we would like to introduce to you new pastors,Mykol and Janeth from Perú.

My name is Mykol Steve Cépeda Campos and I am 26 years old.  My wife's name is Janeth Elena Awananch Santos and she is 21 years old.  Our older daughter Yumi Noemi Cépeda Awananch is 3 years old.  We have a younger son that is 1 year.
    We are thankful to our Savior to whom we give the honor and for His call to which we respond to and accept with humility.  My wife and I ministered to Native Communities in Perú, which is our home country, serving in the Nuevo Horizonte in the Department of the Amazon with the tribe called the Awajunes.  After two years of ministry we received a special call to go to Ecuador to work with Mario Paredes who is now our District Superintendent and also our guide in the work to open a church in the town of Cumanda which is in the province of Chimborazo.  We ask all of you brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for our ministry but also for the work of our Creator.  Many blessings.

Inauguration Service for Ibarra

This was written by Kurtis Strunk- who is the cluster parent along with his wife Emily for the Ibarra team. 

Pastor Yoan Camacaro is talking and praying with
the people of his first church service. 
Yesterday was the inaugural service of the Church of The Nazarene here in Ibarra. There were 82 people present. Many from our organization came to support, as well as Christians from other Churches of The Nazarene in Ecuador. Of those present, 32 were from the city of Ibarra (not counting our Ibarra missions team). There were multiple first time decisions for Christ.
God is good! We could see His hand guiding all that happened, including the fact our dear friends & team-members, Kelly and Cole Williams & their kids, were able to be present at the service just a couple days before they move back to the States.

Thank you to all who helped us get here. You are part of God's story of redemption and restoration in Ibarra, Ecuador.

The Ecuador Extreme IbarraTeam

Astrid Iveth the pastor's wife is leading the Sunday School class