February 21, 2018

God is Moving Through the NAF

The Venezuela Centro District led by District Superintendent Rev. Jario Ceballos held it's District Assembly at the Jiraquito Nazarene Campground .  It was a time of celebration, fellowship and motivation. 
All of the national ministry leaders were present.  Please pray for our brothers and sisters as they cope with difficult times. 
Foto credit goes to Venezuela.

The Colombia Central Norte District, led by District Superintendent Rev. Cesar Oswaldo Avellaneda, held it's 42nd District Assembly.
The DS reported one new church was organized and two missions established this year.  Each pastor reported their churches are putting top priority on prayer and evangelism. 
Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento was present.
Foto credit:goes to Juan Soto

The Ecuador Austro District assembly was held in the newly expanded Macas Church of the Nazarene.  It was a great time of celebration for God’s blessings this past year.  DS Rev. Antonio Lucero is to be married in July 2018. Missionaries Carolyn Rich and Esdras Jimenez attended. 
Foto credits go to Dwight Rich

A Venezuela Challenge

The Most Dangerous Place

This is the building the Petare congregation is wanting to buy.  Lower left is DS Jimmy De Gouveia.

The people in the picture in front of the gate are left to right:   The Evangelism Coordinator, the lady who owns the house, and the pastoral couple. 

     The largest and most dangerous neighborhood in Caracas Venezuela, if not in the world, has a Nazarene Church presence that needs our help. 

      District superintendent Rev. Jimmy De Gouveia from the Primero District reports that the congregation has been meeting in the home of one of the ladies of the church but since they have grown to almost 100 people, and continue to grow, they no longer have enough room.

      They found a property with a 3 story building and their plan is to use one floor for the pastor's home and the other floors as Sunday School rooms and the sanctuary.

     This church is the light in this dark neighborhood of Petare where so many are looking for Hope. 

     If you or your church would like to help us raise the $900 for this property (building included), click on the button at the bottom of the newsletter that says, "Donate here for NAF Partnership Giving" and send us an email letting us know you donated. 

More Assemblies

The Lago District led by District Superintendent Rev. Carlos Cordero held it's District Assembly at the Machiques Church of the Nazarene.  It was a time of celebration, fellowship and motivation. They celebrated DS Carlos Corderos birthday. 

All of our national ministry leaders were present.  Please pray for our brothers and sisters as they cope with difficult times. 
Foto credit goes to Venezuela.

The Colombia Central Sur District (Bogotá), led by District Superintendent Rev. Luis Meza, held it's 22nd District Assembly at the Nazarene Church in Bogotá
Rev. Luis Meza reported that every local church contributed to the district growth this year. They heard encouraging and challenging testimonies from the pastors.  
NAF Director Dwight Rich presided over the Assembly.  

Foto credit:goes to Juan Soto 

Answers to Prayer

God is faithful and hears our prayers!  We have answers to a couple of requests and wanted to update you. 

We have been praying for Rick Rhodes, Carolyn Rich’s sister-in-law’s brother.  Through your prayers and his treatments he is in remission from his cancer. 

We were also praying for Dianne Weber as she was building up strength from a blood clot in her lung. She is doing well and returned to work half days! 
Dianne is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at a private school in Oklahoma area and the sister-in-law of Shirley Fischer who is a missionary in Ecuador.  

Its District Assembly Time

The Andino District led by District Superintendent Rev. Serafin Camargo, held it's 26th annual District Convention and Assembly at the Colon Church of the Nazarene.  It was a time of celebration, fellowship and motivation.

During the assembly, two young ladies received diplomas from the Theological Education Extension classes.
District Superintendent Rev. Carlos Cordero from the Lago District 
presided over the Conventions and the Assembly.  

This district has the support of all the national department leaders and we praise God for the strong leadership.  Please pray for our brothers and sisters as they cope with difficult times. 
Foto credit goes to Venezuela.

The Ecuador Costa Norte District, led by Dr. Santiago Bereche, held it's 30th District Assembly at the Nazarene Church at the campground. 
Some churches had first time representation from their churches. Praise the Lord for his moving on the district. 
NAF Director Dwight Rich presided over the Assembly.  Other missionary representation was present.

Foto credit:goes to Esdras Jimenez. 

2018 District Assemblies
North Andean Field

February                                            Place                 Presiding     

    10            VEN Lago                   Santa Rita           Rafael Trejo
                    COL Central Sur         Bogotá                Dwight Rich

    16            COL Central Norte      Bogotá                Luis Meza
    17             EC Austro                   Macas                Dwight Rich
                     COL Suroccidental     Cali                     Luis Meza
                     VEN Centro                                           Rafael Trejo

    24             EC Sierra Centro        Riobamba           Dwight Rich
                     COL Eje Cafetero                                  Jerrison Ambuila
                     VEN Primero              Maracay              Carlos Cordero

    25             COL Nororiental                                     Luis Meza

    3               VEN Llanos               Barinas               Carlos Cordero

    6               EC Costa                  Guayaquil            David Busic

    7               EC Sierra Sur            Cuenca                David Busic

    10             EC Sierra Norte         Quito                    Dwight Rich
                     COL Noroccidental    Medellin               Luis Meza

A Church Building in 3 Days

The new Nazarene church plant of Latagunga, Ecuador started with Extreme missionaries in May '17.   They quickly outgrew the missionary house where they were holding services. 

The Missionaries found property not too far from the house and District Superintendent Mario Paredes quickly processed the paperwork for the purchase of the new property.  The people from the church spent long days clearing the brush off of the property with machetes. 

Missionary Sara found the perfect tool to clear the property while Pastor Marcelo Fretes found some friends along the way. 

After two days of hard work the foundation was ready for the portable chapel. The process of putting up the panels one by one and bolting them together began on Friday morning.  

By early Friday afternoon the chapel was done. 
Sunday morning the church held their first service in their chapel and praised the Lord and gave thanks for a new place to worship.  
We are thankful for the portable chapels that help beginning congregations by giving them a place to worship while they continue to save money and grow to build a permanent building.  

Photo credits go to the Extreme team and we give thanks to Lucho Flores, Work and Witness worker, who built and painted the panels for the portable chapel. 

Face to Face With Reality

  The 28 member Nall Ave Work and Witness team from Prairie Village, KS was greeted by the children and parents that lined the driveway of the Santa Clara Nazarene church.  They had been waiting for 3 hours for the team to arrive but used their time wisely to make beautiful gardens with painted rocks while they waited. 

 The team made up of families worked on the Sierra Central District at Santa Clara, Ecuador, a small town of 3,000.  Mario Paredes, the District Superintendent and his family were part of the team and helpful in planning and working. 

     The team packed many activities into the short amount time they were in Santa Clara and worked hard. They poured the second story floor of the new church, put in electricity in two buildings, laid block walls and evangelized children and young adults through ministry and sports.

  Since Rev. Steve Johnson, pastor of the Nall Church, was invited by Rev. Ricardo Calles to help in the Baptismal service that took place in a near-by river on Sunday, a great unity was felt between the two congregations.  The Nall team vowed to pray for the brothers and sisters that were baptized.

     There was great rejoicing as 13 members were baptized while their testimonies were being read.  Flowers were then thrown into the river as they came out of the water.  

     The last day was emotional for the team as 60 or more children presented the team with special thanks and then made a circle around them and prayed for them.  That night the leaders of Santa Clara prepared a BBQ meal and presented gifts from the area and shared words of expression of thanks to the team. 

     Both groups will forever remember the faces of children and adults and the way their new Christian family grew after this week.  The Nall team discovered that this small community has many needs, that could not be resolved and left with a heavy burden and a desire to return to help the International Compassion Center.   The leaders of the church thanked the team for helping to bring to light the urgency of the needs so they can better help the families around them. 

The Nall Ave team is praying and would like you to join them in praying for R. This precious fun-loving high spirited little girl needs God's protection around her. Her house is mainly constructed of plastic covering and her family life is in shambles.  

Merry Christmas from the Fischer Family

December 2017

Merry Christmas Family and Friends,                        

"The Glory of Christmas is the story of His Love." 

As music is always played in our home all the time and as most people, Christmas music is played as soon as the stations allow it.  Of all the songs played during this season the words of the song by Matt Redman resonated the most with me, Shirley.  

"The Glory of Christmas is the story of His Love." Matt Redman 

It was pure love that is shown as the Christmas story unfolds.   Although there was much fear in the lives of Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds during this time.  Fear was overcome and Love became the story. 

We had a busy year but we will tell you more about that when we have more news.  We are waiting the birth of a special little boy in our family.  Josiah and Michelle are weeks away of becoming parents. 

Be in prayer for a Work and Witness team that is coming from our home church in a couple of days and will be here till Jan. 5.  Krista, our other daughter is the leader of the team. It will be like family coming home since some family and also church family we know are coming.  

So be looking for news and of coarse pictures from the new grandparents in January.  

May God bless all of you as you spend time with your precious families during the Holidays. 

For His glory, 
Jon and Shirley Fischer

Merry Christmas!

We want to thank you for all of your prayers and support during this year. May God bless you as you enjoy the Holidays with your family and friends.
We will be back communicating with you on Jan. 7.

Merry Christmas from the Rich Family

December 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

May the presence of Jesus fill your heart and life with peace and joy! “Do
not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the
people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the
Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2

It has been another busy year with our 17 district assemblies on the NAF,
responsibilities in the SAM Region with our regional strategy, and a short
furlough with services in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas,
Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. Dwight served as a delegate from South
America to the General NMI Convention and General Assembly, and a
variety of other responsibilities and trips have rounded out the year.



Our two grandsons, Charles and Brooks continue to grow, develop, and
provide a lot of joy! Since they both live in Overland Park, KS, it makes it
convenient to see them both when we pass through Kansas City. Our
children keep extremely busy with their work. Stefanie is due with our next
grandchild in March 2018.

After 37 continuous years of ministry in the pastorate and the mission
field, the Lord has released us to make a change. That change involves
retirement from Global Mission. We will help transition the new Field
Strategy Coordinator into the North Andean Field through May 2018 and
then begin a full year of furlough. If your church or district would like to
schedule us for services you may contact us directly at nafrich@gmail.com

As we close out 2017 we are spending Christmas and New Years with our
children, grandchildren, Carolyn’s mom, Louise, Carolyn’s brothers and
families, and Dwight’s dad, Harry.

We look forward to a New Year with the Lord’s leading in our lives.

Merry Christmas,
Dwight & Carolyn Rich

Challenge in Ecuador!

The Sembrador Church of the Nazarene in downtown Guayaquil, Ecuador functions with the Master’s Plan strategy.  For the past 3 years they have been renting a facility with option to buy. The church has invested over $120,000 in remodeling the former warehouse into a beautiful sanctuary with classrooms, bathrooms, etc. The church is one of our most exciting and fastest growing churches in the NAF.

      Now the owner has told the church that they must proceed with the purchase and has set the price at $300,000.  This is actually $200,000 less than the initial price when this whole process began. The local church has been paying $2500 per month for rent while remodeling.

     First of all, we would like to ask you to help us pray that God would perform the miracle needed to make the purchase possible. Secondly, the local church needs our help because they are financially strapped after the remodel and rent.  As the Lord might lead you, we need donations of all sizes to reach the 300K goal!  If someone would feel led to loan a significant amount, the local church can repay at 3K per month.  You could talk to Dwight Rich about this possibility by emailing nafrich@gmail.com.

In addition to their tithes and offerings, the church sells food and has worked in other ways to raise the finances for their remodeling.

Christmas in South America

This time of the year brings many kinds of celebrations.  Some have to do with the season and others are just getting together and having fellowship.

The Cali Church of the Nazarene Youth held a major camp this past week end. Youth Pastor Juan David Herrera and his team planned an excellent event by starting out on Friday with a night of  encouragement and time of dedicated prayer for the weekend.  Saturday morning at 7 am they left the church and went to their camp for various activities and time of worship and to listen to the voice of God. photo credits go to JNI Official.

This week San Miguel Church of the Nazarene in Ecuador held it's annual Christmas party for the community.  It was a time of fun activities and food for children and their parents. Just what every girl and boy dreams of at Christmas time. photo credit goes to San Miguel Church of the Nazarene.

Christmas in Ecudaor

Ecuador Mission Directors, Dwight and Carolyn Rich try to show their appreciation to the Ecuadorian church leadership every Christmas with a delicious lunch that concludes with gifts bags given to each family.  This year over 73 attended.

A delicious lunch was prepared by the Seminary Convention Center and bags with home made cookies, candy, banana and pumpkin bread along with other hand crafted Christmas decorations were given to each family

Home made cookies made by Carolyn Rich and her helper, Marcia

The missionary family took the opportunity to take a picture since there have been new additions. 
The Jimenez family, The Clark family, The Juarez Family,
 The Guamán Family, and the Rich Family, and the Fischer Family.