February 21, 2018

A Church Building in 3 Days

The new Nazarene church plant of Latagunga, Ecuador started with Extreme missionaries in May '17.   They quickly outgrew the missionary house where they were holding services. 

The Missionaries found property not too far from the house and District Superintendent Mario Paredes quickly processed the paperwork for the purchase of the new property.  The people from the church spent long days clearing the brush off of the property with machetes. 

Missionary Sara found the perfect tool to clear the property while Pastor Marcelo Fretes found some friends along the way. 

After two days of hard work the foundation was ready for the portable chapel. The process of putting up the panels one by one and bolting them together began on Friday morning.  

By early Friday afternoon the chapel was done. 
Sunday morning the church held their first service in their chapel and praised the Lord and gave thanks for a new place to worship.  
We are thankful for the portable chapels that help beginning congregations by giving them a place to worship while they continue to save money and grow to build a permanent building.  

Photo credits go to the Extreme team and we give thanks to Lucho Flores, Work and Witness worker, who built and painted the panels for the portable chapel. 

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