October 08, 2010

The testimony of Graciela Medina

My name is Graciela Medina. I am from eastern Ecuador.  I am 23 years old.  I came to know the Lord through Compassion International.  My parents separated when I was 7, and at that time, Compassion International began to sponsor me.  Since then, God has been molding my life through this program and the Church.

When I was 17 years old, I received a very strong call of the Lord and starting serving as a Sunday School teacher for the 5-year-olds.  As time went on, I was a part of the worship team and then the worship leader.  At the same time I served as the NYI president for one year.

I was presented with the opportunity to study at the Seminary.  After one month of prayer, God confirmed that He was calling me to prepare.  Now I am in my third year of study.  During this time I have experienced a lot of emotional highs and lows; however, God continues to lift me up, and I continue to serve Him with excellence and dedication.

This year, along with other Seminary students, we are planting a church in Quito. The people in this community are very poor and don’t know God.  This makes me very sad, but I want to share the salvation message with them.  We are discipling about 50 children and about 11 adolescents.  Through this process, I believe God is calling me to disciple adults.  My focus is to be a teacher and, at the same time, pastor a local church.  I will continue to serve as long as there is life in me.