June 26, 2016

Power of Prayer

left click on the link to watch a video in Spanish of the celebration service of the Iglesia Casa de Oracion in Cali, Colombia.


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This is footage of the new property for the House of Prayer Church and the Nazarene in Cali, Colombia.


The Power of Prayer

Many people gathered together, shielding themselves from the hot sun with umbrellas to celebrate the dedication of their new church property.  The Lord gave Pastor Adalberto Herrera and Pastora Nineye de Herrera a great vision for the Cali, Colombia Paso Ancho Church of the Nazarene.  
    In the 1980s, a Work and Witness team from Oregon helped them begin their building. After years of mediocre results, the Lord led the pastors to invite their congregation of 80 to begin a prayer and fasting service. Three elderly ladies joined them to make 5 praying every Wednesday.  By the end of the year two dropped out leaving only 3 praying and fasting. God heard their prayers and started blessing them and little by little the church began to grow.
    Bit by bit the congregation added to their building until the sanctuary seated over 2000 people worshipping in 6 Sunday services. At the conclusion of a service, the 2000+ file out a side door and another 2000+ enter through the front doors.  Police direct traffic as private cars, taxis, and buses arrive for each new service.
Every week between 50 to 300 people get commit their lives to Christ. Within 24 hours each new convert receives a phone call to set up a personal visit. Each person's profession of faith is affirmed, and he or she is tied to a nearby cell group. The Master’s Plan strategy focuses on leadership multiplication.  The pastor disciples 12 leaders who each in turn disciple 12 others and so on.  In addition, each leader directs a home cell group which is evangelistic and discipling in nature.
    On Saturday nights Youth Pastor Juan David Herrera leads services for the youth with an attendance of 2,000+.  Pastor Juan David is the son of Pastors Adalberto and Nineye. 
    Prayer is the heartbeat and the backbone of the church.  The Wednesday prayer and fasting service continues but now in 3 services at 6AM, 9AM, and 7PM with close to 5000 in attendance.  Tuesdays at 4 - 6AM there is another “Cry of the Early Morning” prayer meeting
   The church has fasted and prayed for a number of years for a larger building in which to worship, and on May 9 they celebrated the new property that God has provided for them. The theme was "I am in my New House," "Estoy en mi Nueva Casa.”  Missionary Luis Meza was in attendance to participate in this exciting celebration.  The House of Prayer Church has plans to build a worship center where between 7,000 to 14,000 people can attend at one time.  (Depends on municipal permissions as to the size)  They will begin with 3 worship services right from the beginning.  Pray for them as they continue to fast and pray for the finances for their new church building. Photo and video credits to the Cali Church.

June 21, 2016

Friendships Being Developed Through Medical Need

We have been praying for Maria Soledad and her husband Gilberto Joya from Venezuela and the situation of her cranial tumor for some months. They are in Miami and are being hosted by Pastor Oscar Rivera and his wife from the Jesus Mi Fiel Amigo Church of the Nazarene. 
The Joyas are praying and hoping to hear about funds from the Venezuelan government.  With the conditions the way they are in Venezuela they have no certainty it will happen.  They have family in Venezuela calling every week but with the new government employment regulations in place the office is only open two days a week and when the family calls they are put on hold for two hours and then the call drops.That leaves them with only the hope of being able to
talk with someone the next week.
There is a slight chance of the procedure being done in Venezuela but there us only one gamma ray machine in the country and it may not be available or functioning.  If the funds do not arrive for the procedure to take place in Miami, the second option is to raise $5000 and trust the Lord for the opportunity in Venezuela.
The Joyas are extremely grateful for all that God has done and provided for them and they have great faith that God will continue to provide.
If you would like to help the Joyas raise $5,000 for Soledad's Cranial surgery you make make a donation by clicking on the NAF Donation link below.  Also please be in prayer for Soledad's healing and her everyday comfort with the pain of her tumor.  May God be glorified!

            click the following link   If you would like to make a donation to the NAF

God is Moving in Venezuela

We praise the Lord for the new plant church that has been started in the capitol of Venezuela, Caracas.  There are more than 7,000,000 people living in what is considered the 7th largest city in America.  Pastor Jimmy De Gouveia, has felt God’s leading to leave the comfort of his church on the outskirts of Caracas to start this new work.
Please pray for our Venezuela churches and congregations during this very difficult time. Food is extremely scarce and very expensive when it can be found. Two weeks ago we advanced $1500 to each of our 5 districts to help alleviate the suffering among pastoral families, church members, and community members that live close to our churches. If the Lord would lay it upon your heart to help with this immediate and urgent need you may donate through the NAF partnership following the instructions below.

This is real team work!

This is a parent from the Guaranda Nazarene Church that came to help with the construction of the new building for Compassion International.  Her name is Maria and she has four children.  Working alongside of her is Joe Earl from the Lima, OH team.  They are digging a ditch for a water line so the building can have water for the children at the project.  

Ohio Teens Lend a Helping Hand

Youth Pastor and and Work and Witness leader, Phil Starr, from Lima,OH brought 19 teens adult leaders to work in Guaranda, Ecuador on the Sierra Centro District. It is hard to put into words all the experiences and times that God watched over the team.
They worked on the second story of a new Nazarene church plant which was started with a Compassion International program which now has 368 children enrolled.
Along with some of the hard working parents from the center they put on a roof and laid blocks for a second story. They also dug a ditch for a waterline, pulled wires for electricity and poured the steps to get to the second story.  The second part of their ministry was to feed the children and take part in their afternoon activities.  The team provided crafts that the children and teachers
thoroughly enjoyed which included decorating a burlap bag to carry their bibles, making salvation bracelets, and painting a cross light catcher.   Pastor Andres Casares and his wife Marcia, the pastors of the church made sure the team was well fed and taken care of.
Little Marcos is 6 years old and
loves to worship his God. 
Wednesday night the team attended a church service and was touched by the way the little children showed their appreciation to God through worship.
Pastor Andres says because of the help of the team they should be able to move into the new building in a month.
Pray for the OH team members as they use this experience in Ecuador and allow God to speak to them
about changes in their lives. One of the members shared that she has received a call to missions.  Pray for safe travel for the team as they are traveling today.






How a Passion for Children is Changing a town.

Please pray for this new church as they continue to bring God's light in the town of 5,000 people.  250 children are enrolled in compassion program and they have been given permission to enroll 80 more. San Miguel is on the Sierra Centro District and Mario Paredes is the District Superintendent. 

The Peoria Illinois, Work and Witness Team finished their time of ministry and arrived safely home yesterday,  They worked in the small town of San Miguel in the mountainous and poorest Province in Ecuador. The team continued the work on the the Nazarene Church plant that has a significant children's ministry. The work included laying block, electrical, plumbing, and installing the roof. VBS with the children was another part of the ministry. 

Pastor Alex and Cynthia shared that how after two years of working with the children, a confidence has been achieved where both children and their parents come for help and prayer for their needs.  God has worked through their ministry to repair marriages and reunite families. Words cannot describe the passion that Pastor Alex and Cynthia have for the children. The team was inspired as Alex shared through tears his testimony of how he prays for the 200+ children by name as he walks through town on his daily errands. 
He is a man of God whose lifestyle is showing the love of God.  While the team shopped with Cynthia she would greet and talk with parents along the way.  The pastors are raising up a great group of lay leaders. 
Please pray for this new church as they continue to bring God's light in the town of 5,000 people.  250 children are enrolled in compassion program and they have been given permission to enroll 80 more. San Miguel is on the Sierra Centro District and Mario Paredes is the District Superintendent. 



The Beginning

The Peoria, IL Work and Witness team is working at a new plant church in San Miguel. May 26-June 3. The Compassion International has given the pastors permission to enroll 70 more children than the 290 they already have.  This is a great outreach opportunity for the new church and the leaders are earning the confidence of the parents over time. The team worked with the parents of the children from the compassion center and raised the roof structure on the first day of work. They will be putting the roof on and laying blocks of the second floor walls this next week. 
Today while they were at the hotel they came in contact with a teacher, Jeanine, that had recently moved to San Miguel and wanted to know more about the church. She went to the evening service with the team. 
Pray for the safety of the team and the parents that come to work and that the love of Jesus will be demonstrated through their lives. San Miguel is a small mountain town and there will be many opportunities to make an impact.

Pray for Missionary Jon Fischer as he travels from Quito to be with the team Monday, May 30.  He was working with PLNU LoveWorks team that left today.

A New Church Plant has a New Place to Worship

The PLNU LoveWorks '16 team finished three weeks of ministry in Ecuador today. The last two weeks were spent on two different districts. The first was in the Sierra Sur District where they put up a portable chapel for the new church plant in the small town of SIg-Sig.  The lady pastor travels two hours every week-end from Cuenca to minister to the people. The congregation had been meeting in a small adobe hut. 
The last week was spent on the North Coast District ministering to children and their parents.  About 4 hours from Santo Domingo they held a children's program in a small community where three small churches joined together.  The small church was packed f
ull as everyone participated in songs and activities.
Please pray for the PLNU LoveWorks team as they are flying out of Quito and returning to their homes tonight, Sunday.  Pray that they be able to use their Ecuador experience to better understand what God has in their future.  

The PLNU LoveWorks team with Pastora Nelly and leaders Jon and Shirley Fischer

passing roofing mateiral
The PLNU LoveWorks team worked at a newly organized Nazarene Church in Cumandá, Ecuador passing roofing mateiral in the Province of Bolivar, situated in the middle of a chocolate plantation. They put up the roof structure and finished putting on the roof as well as holding VBS classes for children of a Compassion Center of 200 children. The team made many new friends among the church leaders and have the thoughts of the precious children in their
hearts.  The last morning was a dedication service of the new building for the children and their parents.  All participated and thanked God for the new second floor that will serve as a kitchen and dining hall.  District Superintendent Mario Paredes led a short devotion on obedience to go along with the story of Jonah and the whale that the children presented.
The PLNU studenst continued their ministry this week in Cuenca, Ecuador where they put up a portable chapel for a small church two hours outside of Cuenca.
They will be working on the North Coast District this week doing small work projects and evangelizing.


Miguel Angel who is a new Christian and was baptized two weeks ago.  He worked with the team for a couple of days before he had to leave to start school in Puertoviejo.  Pray for him to grow in his Christian life and to be a light to others around him.  

Among the Devastation There Is Hope

This is a video of a recent visit of General Superintendent  Dr. Eugenio Duarte, Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento, Compassion Ministries Director Larry Bollinger, NAF Director Dwight Rich and NAF Communications photographer, Pedro Salinas.  Video credits go to Pedro and Dwight.
They traveled to some of the areas that were affected by the Earthquake in April.  Dr. Duarte gave words of encouragement and prayed with congregations to that need hope to rebuild their lives.  There is still a great need for prayer and donations.
Moises carrying blocksA month ago the Torre Fuerte Nazarene Church in Santo Domingo went as a small Work and Witness team to help the Valle Hermoso, Beautiful Valley, church people with the building Moises carrying blocksf a new building.. Both congregations worked hard in the rain to finish as much as they could and this past week a small group went back to help them put the roof on their structure.  The willing workers came in all ages, from 6-92 to help with their church. 
Valle Hermoso is on the North Coast District in one of the areas that was affected by the earthquake but the small wood structure they were meeting in had previously collapsed due to heavy rains.   
Pastor Jefferson Estévez from the Torre Fuerte Church challenged his congregation to raise $1,000 towards the construction of the project.  There is still work to be done and the Valle Hermoso congregation will finish their church as they raise funds. 

Update on Relief Efforts

Children holding signs for food and water.
Relief efforts are still in effect for the earthquake victims in the coastal areas of Ecuador.  This past Wednesday the two district Superintendents of the affected areas, Dr. Santiago Bereche, and Eduardo Meza, National NCM Director Hugo Archila, as well as other leaders met to decide what more needed to be done to enter into phase 2 of bringing aid and how to meet other needs of the victims. Water and food are still the high priority and the church people are continuing to gather supplies to be taken to one of our distribution centers at the Nazarene Campground in Santo Domingo.  From there the North Coast District team is making the three hour trip almost daily to take food and water to the refugees that are living in their make-shift shelters after leaving their homes for cleaner and safer surroundings. There are still light to medium aftershocks occurring in the coastal area and people are afraid to go into any buildings or be near anything that could fall.  
Please continue to pray for the NAF Relief Leaders as they try to coordinate with the government for the arrival of the relief items from NCM.  

June 20, 2016

The coast of Ecuador was devastated by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 16, 2016. Hundreds died, thousands were injured, and tens of thousands were left homeless. In the midst of the tragedy, local Nazarene churches have been working to meet the needs of their neighbors.