June 21, 2016

Update on Relief Efforts

Children holding signs for food and water.
Relief efforts are still in effect for the earthquake victims in the coastal areas of Ecuador.  This past Wednesday the two district Superintendents of the affected areas, Dr. Santiago Bereche, and Eduardo Meza, National NCM Director Hugo Archila, as well as other leaders met to decide what more needed to be done to enter into phase 2 of bringing aid and how to meet other needs of the victims. Water and food are still the high priority and the church people are continuing to gather supplies to be taken to one of our distribution centers at the Nazarene Campground in Santo Domingo.  From there the North Coast District team is making the three hour trip almost daily to take food and water to the refugees that are living in their make-shift shelters after leaving their homes for cleaner and safer surroundings. There are still light to medium aftershocks occurring in the coastal area and people are afraid to go into any buildings or be near anything that could fall.  
Please continue to pray for the NAF Relief Leaders as they try to coordinate with the government for the arrival of the relief items from NCM.  

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