April 19, 2015

Montrose Co, Team Experiences What Love Is

Praise the Lord the Montrose, CO Work and Witness team arrived home safely after working 10 days on the North Coast District in the Santo Domingo area. They closed out their session reflecting on what their expectations were when they first arrived and how their expectations had changed. Most of them shared how they enjoyed making new friendships and how caring everyone in Ecuador was.  One of the examples of this was shown to them at a restaurant where they ate the evening meal.  One of the 11 year old  boys was in pain because of some bug bites he had and the owner lady asked if she could help.  She made a mixture for Luke, the boy, to soak his feet.   When she was getting ready to dry his feet she didn't have a towel so she started to dry his feet with her beautiful scarf that was around her neck.  She gently dried his feet so carefully so as not to hurt him.  Everyone standing around was so moved that she would use her on scarf to dry his somewhat infected feet.  The team was not even suppose to be at this particular restaurant because the first choice of restaurant was closed and the guard would not let us in even though it was early in the evening.  Luke shared that night that he felt the Holy Spirit when the lady was washing his feet and he would never forget what happened that night.  Continue to pray for the team as they take the light of their witness back to their communities.