June 21, 2016

The Beginning

The Peoria, IL Work and Witness team is working at a new plant church in San Miguel. May 26-June 3. The Compassion International has given the pastors permission to enroll 70 more children than the 290 they already have.  This is a great outreach opportunity for the new church and the leaders are earning the confidence of the parents over time. The team worked with the parents of the children from the compassion center and raised the roof structure on the first day of work. They will be putting the roof on and laying blocks of the second floor walls this next week. 
Today while they were at the hotel they came in contact with a teacher, Jeanine, that had recently moved to San Miguel and wanted to know more about the church. She went to the evening service with the team. 
Pray for the safety of the team and the parents that come to work and that the love of Jesus will be demonstrated through their lives. San Miguel is a small mountain town and there will be many opportunities to make an impact.

Pray for Missionary Jon Fischer as he travels from Quito to be with the team Monday, May 30.  He was working with PLNU LoveWorks team that left today.

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