June 07, 2017

Sewing New Seeds

This is the portable chapel that the California PLNU Loveworks 2017 put up in Jama, Ecuador on the North Coast District. The Jama, rented, Church of the Nazarene building was destroyed during the April, 2016,  7.8 earthquake. There were 33 people killed in this small town.  It was good to see some of the repairs slowly happening in the neighborhoods.
This chapel was welded by Global Serve Volunteer Ron Boeve. 

PLNU LoveWorks went to Esmeraldas to find 70 anxious children waiting for them an hour before the program was to start. Many seeds were sown in the hearts of the children in this area.  The team felt a heavy burden for the many needs in the lives of the children.  They loved on the children, played games with them and introduced them to Jesus, a friend they can trust at all times.
It was hard leaving as the children looked in the teams eyes and asked them when they were coming back. 

Please pray for the PLNU LoveWorks team. They have many memories and thoughts to process as they return to their busy summer schedules.

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