February 25, 2013

Nikol Calderón

Local ChurchBellavista Church of the Nazarene in Riobamba, Ecuador
District:  Sierra Centro
Extreme Ambato Ecuador 40/40

I give thanks to my heavenly father because since I was a little girl He has given me the opportunity to serve in the church and in Sunday School.  When I was 15, I was praying at the altar in a church sunrise service on a Tuesday at 5 am. Through a song by Jesús Adrián Romero called "Aqui Estoy- Here I am," our Lord Jesus called me to serve. I answered just like the words in the song say, "Father God you don't need to look for anyone else, I want to go, now is my time, here are my hours, here am I.  My life is for you and I want to invest in you, here are my years, here am I."  Since that day my desire is to serve God and I am doing that in my local church and it is an incomparable privilege to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Christ Jesus.
    I was in my fourth year of Clinical Psychology which I chose to serve my "neighbor", to help him spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Now through Nazarene Extreme I can complete this call that God gave me and I am available to put in practice all my acquired knowledge and work for the Kingdom of God here in my country.  My Father God has always shown his love and power and has completed his promises.  I choose to follow Christ and it is the best decision that I could have made in my life.  I want to love and faithfully serve until the last breathe that I take. I am available to give everything to Him and to leave everything for Him because I love Him!!

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