February 25, 2013

Meet: Nancy Ojeda
Local Church:   Iglesia del Nazareno Bellavista, Riobamba
:  Sierra Centro 
Extreme Ecuador Ambato 40/40                                                                                   

My call became real through a ministry  called CAUSE while working in a small community. My passion is to help other people, it doesn't matter the climate, distance, money or other needs that are necessary to help.  I have always had faith that the Lord will provide. When the Lord called me he said, "Now is the time to serve in Extreme Nazarene,"  I was in my 4th year studying Economics in the university and leading the youth in my church.  His word became very clear to me in Luke 9:23-27.  Yes, I want to be your disciple and serve and I have to forget about what I want to do in life and leave it behind.  It is no good for me to try to conquer the world and do my will  and be lost forever.  "I resign from everything that I am and what I have obtained.  I am ready to do what you want in my life. Help me to be a useful instrument."  

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