February 09, 2016

Austro District Assembly

The Ecuador Austro District held their district assembly this past week end in Sucuá, Ecuador.   
NAF Director Dwight Rich is presenting cards of promise to the pastors to prayerfully consider their goals of their church for the year 2020.   

District Superintendent Antonio Lucero 

This lady is a pastor of a mission. 

A Shuar pastor giving his report. 

The pastor of the Sucuá church giving his report.  This church is on the corner of the main plaza in town. 

This pastor gave his testimony in his report of how he won his 5 nieces and nephews to the Lord this year. 

This group sang a song in their language, the Shuar language. 

District Superintendent Antonio Lucero is installing the new leaders for year 2016. 
NAF Director Dwight Rich gave a sermon on Sunday morning. District Superintendent Antonio Lucero is praying while Rev. Dwight Rich is praying over the ones that chose to make the step of fully committing their lives to God.

District Superintendent Antonio Lucero is praying a prayer of gratitude  over NAF Directors Dwight and Carolyn Rich for their 31 years of service as missionaries in Ecuador.  

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