October 04, 2018

He Will do it Again!

The 2018 International Master's Plan Conference held in Cali, Colombia was Oct. 26-30, with the theme  "He Will do it Again"  More than 1,500 attended the conferences with 10 countries represented, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, USA and Canada. Special speakers were Andres Corson of Bogotá, John Spinoza of Bogotá, Elías Betanzos of Mexico, and Jeison Aristizabel of Colombia.
     NAF Director David González said, "It was a refreshing and inspiring time." 
     Sunday 1,100 of the 16,000 people who attended the 2 celebration services, made decisions of faith. The services were held in a large tent at the new campus the Paso Ancho church has purchased. 
Jeison   Special speaker Jeison Aristizabal, recipient of the Hero of the Year Award from CNN, shared how he overcame his battle with cerebral palsy in one of the most impoverished areas of Cali, Colombia. Now he runs a nonprofit to provide educational and medical support for kids who live in the same conditions that he grew up in.

Top picture:  Praying for the country of Venezuela.  Top left:  Missionary Luis Meza sharing greetings.  Top right:  NAF Director David Gonzalez sharing greetings.  Bottom left: Pastor John Espinoza. from Bogotá Bottom right: Presentation portraying the works of God



Top:Pastors Nineye and Adalberto Herrera of the Paso Ancho Church in Cali, Colombia,   Top right: Pastor Mariana Muñoz. Bottom left:  DS Rev. Jimmy De Gouveia from Venezuela First District. Bottom right:  Rev. CAL CB Glidden, Pastor of First Church of the Nazarene, Fort Worth, TX

September 26, 2018

A Volunteer Builds Places of Worship

     NAF Partner and Volunteer Ron Boeve worked hard for three weeks in Quito Ecuador at the Work and Witness shop welding a portable chapel. Two Venezuelan seminary students, Genesis and William Rivero, helped to bend all the sheet metal to make the job go faster. Four years ago when Ron came, he made the machine that Genesis and William used. 
     Ron started going to Ecuador 10 years ago for 3 weeks at a time, to do whatever, but mainly to weld.  One year he made a trailer that is used to transport the portable chapels, concrete mixer or other construction equipment.  He will be making his third trip to Argentina this Dec. 
     We appreciate Ron's dedication and sacrifice to come and serve. Not only does Ron construct the chapels but he finances them by splitting and selling wood  Thank you Ron, for your hard work.  
      Ron's wife Margaret, was not able to make most of the trips as she stayed back to care for her sister.  Please pray for Margaret as her sister went to be with the Lord Sept. 6 there will be a memorial service Oct. 27.  Especially pray for Margaret on Tuesdays as that was their day for special outings.  

Venezuela seminary student William Rivero also helped with all the painting of the chapels. 

This is the small community were the portable chapel was placed. 

   Work and Witness Coordinators, Jon and Shirley Fischer along with helper Lucho Flores traveled to Camaron, Ecuador, on the Sierra Centro District,  the night before putting up the chapel so they could get an early start.  At 5:30 in the morning they met church people to load the chapel and started the hour climb up the curvey, rocky mountain road to Tigre Urko.  
    They were greeted by 15 youth anxious to help with putting up their new church along the side of a mountain with an amazing view.  More adults came as the morning chores were being completed. 
     A little before noon the chapel was up and the people were gathered around to give thanks for their new place of worship.  As they prayed you could hear the appreciation being expressed from their hearts. 

     The Cameron church started a year ago and ministers to over 50 children. They planted the Tigre Urko church as well as two other plants they are ministering to.  They already have plans for the next chapel. 

Pastor Fernando and his wife were lay people a year ago and now have three churches they are ministering to, along with the help of their children and others from their church.

Maximum Evangelism 9.18.18

     A team of 12 short term missionaries from the Greenwood Community Nazarene Church from Greenwood, SC went to Ecuador to evangelize.  They did maximum evangelism by visiting 16 different churches and ministering to 4,070 children through puppet shows in songs and stories. More than 1,913 children made the important decision to give their hearts to Christ!  

     The short term missionaries were in the oriente in Shell and Pindo in different indigenous churches and in the province of Bolivar. 
      It was a great time of rejoicing to see so many children making the decision to follow Christ.




     Team leader Rev. Glen Link grew up as a missionary kid and has a special connection with the children.  He has been to Ecuador many times teaching how to do children's ministry and other education classes. 
      The team was treated to some excellent food and special presentations.  

September 14, 2018

Tierra de Gracia- Land of Grace

  Sept. 8 was the celebration of the of the opening of the mission church, Tierra de Gracia (Land of Grace) located in the community of Coropo in the province of Agugua, in Maracay, Venezuela which is on Primero District with Rev Jimmy De Gouveia serving as the District Superintendent. 

      Pastors Carlos and Germania Cadavi were installed as pastors of the mission which was started by Pastor Daniel Bonilla from the Jesús la Esperanza (Jesus the Hope) Church, in the El Limón, community of Maracay.

      The Holy Spirit planted the idea to start a mission in the hearts of Pastor Carlos and his wife who for years had been winning people to the Lord in their community through a cell group in their home where 30 adults, youth and children would meet.  On Sundays the cell group would attend the El Limón church.  

      The celebration service included special presentations, bringing of the first fruits and praise and worship through songs and prayer.  Pastors, members, friends and neighbors helped to spread the news of the Kingdom in the district. 

      The celebration closed with the commitment to make Christ-Like disciples and to reach the goal of 100 members by the end of 2018.  

Pastor Carlos and family with DS Jimmy De Gouveia and others.  Far right is the Pastor's son, William, who  along with his wife attended the Ecuador Seminary last year. 


Congratulations to the Juárez Missionary family in Ecuador.  Carlos and Isabel Ambrosio are the proud parents of Camila Juárez Ambrosio who was born on Sept. 3, at 7:00 pm. She weighed 6 lbs.3 oz. and measured 19 inches long.

Her two older sisters, Katherine, 4 yrs, Nathalie, 2 yrs, who were born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, welcomed their little sister home with wide open arms.

We give thanks to God that baby, mom and family are doing great! 
Carlos and Isabel are Global Missionaries from Guatemala.

Equipped to Live 8.6.18

     The beautiful mountains and landscape of the Jiraquito Nazarene Campgrounds, in Yaracuy, Venezuela, once again was the site of the country's annual camp gathering.  “Equipped for Living” was the theme during the 5 days of activities.  There was representation of all 5 districts of Venezuela-Primero, Llanos, Andean, Lago and Central which exceeded the expectations of 300 campers with 560 in attendance!

      Adiel Amadeu Teixeira, from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, president of the Global NYI Council, was the special speaker and brought fresh words of God and used the young speaker's personality of joy and encouragement which was an inspiration to all to be equipped to live in obedience, forgiveness, holiness and for the Lord’s call. "We thank Pastor Adiel for his enthusiasm and passion with which he transmitted the Word to each one."

     For each Nazarene in Venezuela, the camps that are held each year after year in August are a way to unite us, and fill us with the Holy Spirit, to see miracles of conversions and lives transformed as well as lives answering the call of ministry, of training in leadership, and other callings. This  happens during workshops, preaching, and times of fellowship. 

     "We give thanks to the Lord because many youth, adolescentes, children, and couples have obtained tools to to be Equipped to Live according to the will of God and in every life and in our country."

Source: Venezuela Nazarene Communications




A Mechanical Breakdown is a Good Things? 8.14.18

     A Work and Witness team of 36 people mostly from two states, Hannibal, MO and Miami, OK; formed together to work on the North Coast District.  So how do you get a large group who are strangers to each other to bond, other than using games?  God had a plan but not everyone was  sure of the plan, especially Jon Fischer, the Work and Witness Coordinator who is always concerned about the safety of the team.
     About an hour into the trip the truck that had all the luggage and that was pulling a trailer broke down, but at the perfect spot, 3 min from where they had just filled up with gas and snacks.  They returned to the gas station and that is where the team started getting to know each other. They united in prayer and called upon God to come and be in their presence to provide what was needed.  Within less than an hour they were back on the curvy, foggy road which caused illness among some of the team.  The now united team comforted one another and there was no division among the two churches. By the time they arrived at the Santo Domingo Campground, where they would be staying, the WnW leaders could not tell who was from which church. God always has a better plan and His timing is perfect!












      Despite the horrible bug bites and a few small injuries the team worked super hard on the District Center and also around the campground.  Praise the Lord there were some mechanics on the team and they spent long hours trying to get the truck fixed. 
     The team had amazing times in the presence of God and 9 people felt a call to get involved in missions on their life during the week
     All too soon it was time to say goodbye and their trip home was like the beginning of their trip with delayed flights and trying to find new flights.  The team always held to the promise that God's timing and His way are always the best plan.