December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas -Feliz Navidad-Dec. '18

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Thank you for all your prayers and generous support this year. We appreciate you and your heart for missions. 
May you find peace and joy as you celebrate with your friends, families and loved ones.  

The NAF/Regional Missionaries would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!  

Left to right:
Lucas Nunes - Regional Communications Missionary
Juliana Nunes - Regional Personnel Missionary
David González - NAF Field Strategy Coordinator/ Missionary/ Regional Ministries Coordinator
Tabita González - Regional Compassionate Ministries - NAF Missionary
Esdras Jiménez - Ecuador Ministries Coordinator/ NAF Missionary
Scarlet Acosta Jiménez - NAF Missionary
Paul and Alyssa Clark - NAF Missionary
Jon and Shirley Fischer - Work and Witness Coordinators/Accounting/NAF Missionaries
Harrison Guamán - Seminary Administrator 
Jennifer Guamán - NILI Ministries Director NAF Missionary
Carlos and Isabel Ambrosio Juarez - Regional Communications Missionaries   

Rev. Dwight and Carolyn Rich, NAF Missionaries, are completing a final year of Home Assignment in the States.

Rev. Luis and Clarita Meza are NAF Missionaries serving in Colombia. 

Please remember to pray for the Venezuela Churches and the country.  

December 18, 2018

iWin Leadership Training

The Grace Community Church from Montrose, CO brought a family team to work in the mountains of a Quichua community called, Castillo (Castle).  Castillo is a daughter church plant of Guaranda, Ecuador Church of the Nazarene, where Pastors Andres and Marcia pastor 300 Compassion International children, 80 adults, and 40 youth on a weekly basis. 

     The Castillo church is brand new but you would not have known it by the welcoming arms and many words of encouragement the team received on the first night.  Over and over the community people thanked them for coming to build a church with them and for their children.  One of the mother's shared with tearful eyes, on the last day, "Thank you for coming and building, and giving our children a chance in life." The children will receive a hot meal and classes at least once a week and then on Sunday's they will come with their parents for teaching and a snack. 

     Everyday started with a circle prayer with the team and the community future church people.  The progress of the building went rapidly and by the end of the week the building had walls and a roof to provide protection from the rain during the Sunday afternoon church service and typical lunch, which included guinea pig. Even though it rained, at times the team was without water to mix concrete so they would have to go to the little creek and bucket out water into barrels.

The property of the Castillo church was donated by the community and had been passed down from generations before.  The children from the school would spend their recess time, asking the team members to speak English to them and of course waiting to receive an American snack.  

        The team held afternoon activities for the children, even with frequent rain.  During one afternoon, they were playing with the parachute and ended up making an umbrella out of the parachute and sang songs and told Bible Stories under the parachute until the rain stopped.  The last afternoon Pastor Andres presented the colors of Salvation as the children made their own bracelets and all 80 children asked Jesus into their hearts! 

      One of the youth shared on the last night, that he felt that this week was special in that he used this time to draw closer to the Lord! 

October 31, 2018

Colombia Has 20/20 Vision

     Missionaries Rev. Luis and Clara Meza and the District National Coordinators of Evangelism in Colombia met for a training retreat on Oct. 23-25.
     It was a time of inspiration and encouragement that served well to evaluate the advancement of the ministry of evangelism and the growth of the church.  All the district coordinators made a commitment to give their best to help their local churches to complete the goals and the vision for 20/20.
     The leaders are praying that the Lord will help them to reach these people with the message of salvation, through baptism and to integrate them into the membership of the church so as to feel that the church is their new family.

First Jesus Film Church in Ecuador Holds 19 Year Celebration

     The San Francisco Church of the Nazarene in Quito, Ecuador, celebrated their 19th yr. anniversary Sunday night, Oct. 21.  There was much to celebrate as the church started 19 years ago as a Jesus Film plant in the neighborhood with Pastor Rodrigo Olmedo and his wife Margarita as the pastors. San Francisco was the very first church organized in South america as a result of the Jesus Film.
     To celebrate, the church sang songs in worship and NAF Director Rev. David González preached an encouraging sermon. Other presentations were a typical dance arrangement, children's drama, a youth black light presentation and cake for everyone. 
     Rev. Rodrigo Olmedo is also the Evangelism Coordinator for Ecuador along with his wife Margarita. They have three grown daughters and 4 grandchildren.  Rodrigo is one of two original national coordinators for the Jesus Film Ministry when we began in South America in 1998.
     The other original national Jesus Film coordinator is Rev. Milton Mateus of Colombia.



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