October 31, 2018

Colombia Has 20/20 Vision

     Missionaries Rev. Luis and Clara Meza and the District National Coordinators of Evangelism in Colombia met for a training retreat on Oct. 23-25.
     It was a time of inspiration and encouragement that served well to evaluate the advancement of the ministry of evangelism and the growth of the church.  All the district coordinators made a commitment to give their best to help their local churches to complete the goals and the vision for 20/20.
     The leaders are praying that the Lord will help them to reach these people with the message of salvation, through baptism and to integrate them into the membership of the church so as to feel that the church is their new family.

First Jesus Film Church in Ecuador Holds 19 Year Celebration

     The San Francisco Church of the Nazarene in Quito, Ecuador, celebrated their 19th yr. anniversary Sunday night, Oct. 21.  There was much to celebrate as the church started 19 years ago as a Jesus Film plant in the neighborhood with Pastor Rodrigo Olmedo and his wife Margarita as the pastors. San Francisco was the very first church organized in South america as a result of the Jesus Film.
     To celebrate, the church sang songs in worship and NAF Director Rev. David González preached an encouraging sermon. Other presentations were a typical dance arrangement, children's drama, a youth black light presentation and cake for everyone. 
     Rev. Rodrigo Olmedo is also the Evangelism Coordinator for Ecuador along with his wife Margarita. They have three grown daughters and 4 grandchildren.  Rodrigo is one of two original national coordinators for the Jesus Film Ministry when we began in South America in 1998.
     The other original national Jesus Film coordinator is Rev. Milton Mateus of Colombia.



Meet the Seminary Staff

October 17, 2018


     This week the North Andean field welcomed the Nunes missionary family. Lucas and Juliana, Brazilian, and Matheus, who just turned 2, Argentinean. Lucas has served the South America Region as Communications Coordinator and Juliana as Personal Coordinator. 
    Their transition from Argentina to Ecuador will place them in a strategic location for support to their ministries.  We are thankful to have one more great addition to this wonderful team and we appreciate your prayers as they make this transition and as we serve God together in South America. 


    The Ecuadorian mission and seminary staff celebrated with a baby shower for Gaby Peñafiel and Cesar Barco, who not only serve as pastors of a local congregation in Quito, but they also coordinate the CENIC ministry, conventions and events for church retreats.
     With God’s blessings, baby Elias Gabriel will be born some time this week. We ask for your prayers for this wonderful family as they soon celebrate the birth of their second child.  
Taken from González Mission Journey


One of the games at the baby shower was to feed your partner baby food while both players are blindfolded. 

October 04, 2018

He Will do it Again!

The 2018 International Master's Plan Conference held in Cali, Colombia was Oct. 26-30, with the theme  "He Will do it Again"  More than 1,500 attended the conferences with 10 countries represented, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, USA and Canada. Special speakers were Andres Corson of Bogotá, John Spinoza of Bogotá, Elías Betanzos of Mexico, and Jeison Aristizabel of Colombia.
     NAF Director David González said, "It was a refreshing and inspiring time." 
     Sunday 1,100 of the 16,000 people who attended the 2 celebration services, made decisions of faith. The services were held in a large tent at the new campus the Paso Ancho church has purchased. 
Jeison   Special speaker Jeison Aristizabal, recipient of the Hero of the Year Award from CNN, shared how he overcame his battle with cerebral palsy in one of the most impoverished areas of Cali, Colombia. Now he runs a nonprofit to provide educational and medical support for kids who live in the same conditions that he grew up in.

Top picture:  Praying for the country of Venezuela.  Top left:  Missionary Luis Meza sharing greetings.  Top right:  NAF Director David Gonzalez sharing greetings.  Bottom left: Pastor John Espinoza. from Bogotá Bottom right: Presentation portraying the works of God



Top:Pastors Nineye and Adalberto Herrera of the Paso Ancho Church in Cali, Colombia,   Top right: Pastor Mariana Muñoz. Bottom left:  DS Rev. Jimmy De Gouveia from Venezuela First District. Bottom right:  Rev. CAL CB Glidden, Pastor of First Church of the Nazarene, Fort Worth, TX