May 03, 2013

MNU Students Spend Their Spring Break With The Shuar Indians

During the second week of Spring Break, 4 short term missionaries from MNU Mid America Nazarene University came.  Krista, our daughter led the team and so that made it super special. We did a lot of traveling from place to place evangelizing and doing some construction.  
The first program was ChillanesEcuador which is two hours outside of Riobamba and took us pass the tallest volcano,Chimborazo, in Ecuador, on the way.  This little town does not have a Nazarene Church so we met with some other Nazarenes from Riobamba to evangelize children from a newly organized Compassionate International project.  There were over 250 parents and children that met in a school auditorium. more

ONU Spends Their Spring Break Participating in a Film Production

We got to try something new in the way of ministry and I will try to explain it so you can understand. Brian and Lynne Utter are former missionaries to Argentina where Brian worked in the communications department specifically in the area of World Radio Broadcast. Brian and Leonardo Longo from our Communications department decided to have some of the communications film department from ONU Olivet Nazarene University come and partner with his team, Enclave to help with the filming of a video production of the fifth season of a women's ministries program called "Mujer Valiosa" The Valuable Woman. more

Montrose, Co team and San Martin Church

You probably recognize the San Martin name but last time it was San Martin Chapel that was put up by the Elkhart, IN team.  The church is now organized and has outgrown their chapel so Joey Burns put together a team.  This team had a little different dynamics in that most of the team short term missionaries were home school kids and a few adults from six different churches.  When families come it is nice to hear, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa being called through out the week.  As was the case with this team. The age range was from 11 to 72 years of age.  We stayed in Chunchi which is known for abandoned children because their parents go to another country to earn a living and send the money back to the family.  The family could be children taking care of younger brothers and sisters. more

Lake Havasu, AZ - Aposento Alto "The Upper Room"

We started 2013 out with a team from Lake Havasu, AZ which was led by Dwight Rich's, Field Strategies Coordinator for NAF, brother in law.  Aposento- The Upper Room church was meeting in a tiny "upper room" in the upper part of Quito. The meeting place was so full every Sunday people would have to wait until the children left for Sunday School to be able to find a  place to sit.  The two teams connected by prayer before they even met, by a card that was passed out with all the AZ team members names with their picture, so when they arrived they already felt like family in Christ. more

Maine District- Torre de Fe- Tower of Faith

In Dec. '12 a District Team from the state of Maine came to work in Santo Domingo to help them put a second story on their church. The team was led by Pastor John Evans from Strong, Maine.  His family served as Mission Corp volunteers here in Ecuador while they were completing their sabbatical two years ago. 
Long before the team came the pastor of Torre de Fe church, Jefferson, started raising money by social media, visiting churches and what ever other way he could.  He asked each person to pledge $10.  Then the Maine district came along to partner with them to help them build the second story sanctuary to their church more