March 29, 2016

Prayer Request-Venezuela

Pray for an Maria Soledad Mujica as she has been diagnosed with a large cranial tumor that needs to be operated on. Pray that the Larkin Community Hospital in Miami which is her best option for this procedure will accept her case. Please pray for the family as they raise the money for her surgery which will be $35,000. We had originally posted that she needed a grant approved but we just learned that they need to raise the money.  Maria Soledad Mujica is a member of the Los Pozones Church of the Nazarene in Barinas, Venezuela.

Easter Sunrise Service

Many of our churches celebrate with a sunrise service. This is one of our churches in Ecuador! The people of the church were waving flags and praising the Lord to celebrate that our God is not dead and that He is very much alive in their hearts.  This particular church had an all night prayer and praise service but they were still very awake by morning!  

Sierra North District Conference

Members from the Sierra North District in Quito Ecuador attended a "Living Out the Great Commission" conference this past week.  This was to train the leaders in two local churches of Quito who will be involved in a year long pilot project. Missionary Esdras Jimenez and NAF Director Dwight Rich spoke on the four project themes, Revival, Pastoral Care, Disciples in Ministry, and Effective Communication-Telling the Story.  Pray for Dwight and Esdras as they will be traveling to the North Coast, Coast, and Sierra Central districts Thursday through Saturday to share the same conference with 5 more churches involved in the project.

Update on Pastor Yuris

Pastor Yuris was able to minister to some of the patients in the hospital on Easter Sunday.   Yuris was an encouragement to a lady whose husband was having surgery for the second time.  The doctors told her that her husband could die or after the surgery they would have to leave the stomach open.  They prayed with her and her son during the surgery and the husband came out of the surgery with neither of the two options above.   They husband came through the surgery with no problems and is doing well.
There was a donor that donated money for the medicines which were found by a cousin in Medellin, Colombia.  The medicines were mailed yesterday and are on their way.  Pray that the medicines will arrive quicker than the designated time of April 6. The medicines left the shipping building this morning, Tuesday.  Yuris is praying that they will arrive this week!  He said yesterday, that it is tough being in the hospital and also not being able to see his little girl.  The hospitals only provide the basics; foods, medicines and needs of the patients need to purchased by the family outside the hospital. Yuris has been in the hospital for two weeks.  Pray that the medicines will arrive in God speed!
In the picture above District Superintendent Eudo Prado is visiting Yuris and his wife Karla.    

March 26, 2016

Pastor Yuris

Thank you for praying for Pastor Yuris Correa who is the pastor of the Punta de Mata Church on the First District in Venezuela.  He is recovering from Thyroid surgery and doing well in a hospital in Caracas, Venezuela.  God is using him in powerful ways to witness and minister to the other patients in the hospital.  He and his wife Karla had a prayer meeting one night in which they went room to room praying for patients until midnight.   He was able to witness to a youth boy that had a whole in his throat due to a bullet wound. Praise the Lord the young man accepted Christ the day before he was discharged.  Yuris said that God had a plan to use him while he was waiting for his medicines to arrive from Colombia.  Since the President shut down all government business in Venezuela last week they were not able to receive the medicine from a family member that was sending it.  Yuris and his wife are so thankful to God for all the people that have prayed, communicated with them and helped with getting the medicines to them. Yuris said, "We are victorious in Christ and it is good that I will be here to share an Easter Message with the patients that are here."  Pray that God will use Yuris as His servant to share the wonderful Easter Story of hope. Also pray that the medicines will arrive from Colombia next week.  Yuris and Karla have a little girl who they miss and have not been able to see because of the long distance from home to the hospital.

Lago District Assembly in Venezuela

Lago District of Venezuela held their district assembly in the Caujaro Church of the Nazarene in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Rev. Carlos Corderro is the District Superintendent and District Superintendent Rev. Rafael Trejo presided over the assembly.  It was a time of renewal and rejoicing for what God has done in their churches.  

March 14, 2016

Ecuador Sierra Centro District

The Ecuador Sierra Centro District held their 27th assembly this Friday. General Superintendent Dr. Eugenio Duarte presided as Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento translated. The service started with a time of prayer on our knees asking for God's guidance.  District Superintendent Mario Paredes was re-elected for another four years and the district now has 64 organized churches. 9 new churches were organized this year. The picture is Mario Paredes and his family with the dignitaries. Left to right: General Superintendent Dr. Eugenio Duarte, Melissa, Aaron, Mayra and District Superintendent Mario Paredes, Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento, and NAF Director Dwight Rich. In back is Kevin Paredes

The service started with a time of prayer on our knees asking for God's guidance. 

District Superintendent Mario Paredes is praying over his pastors and new leaders. 

Behind every good man is a Godly woman.  Mario's wife, Mayra, stood beside him in support as he gave his report. 

Pastors praying for pastors

Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento translated from Portuguese to Spanish for General Superintendent Dr. Eugenio Duarte. 

The Sierra Center District is made of two cultures.  The Spanish culture and the Indigenous Quechua culture. 
The pastors are gathered around District Superintendent Mario Paredes showing support of the Global Vision 2020 to emphasize the effort to reach new goals in membership, attendance, and church planting.  

Ecuador North Coast District

The Ecuador North Coast District held it's 28th district assembly and conventions this past week at the district campgrounds in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. General Superintendent Dr. Eugenio Duarte was the special speaker and presided over the assembly while Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento translated. NAF Director Dwight Rich helped with logistics. The district has 40 churches with 15 of those being missions.

NAF Director Dwight Rich is praying while the ordained pastors are ministering to the district licensed pastors.  The above picture has the  ordained and licensed pastors praying over new leaders.  

The pastors are gathered around District Superintendent Santiago Bereche showing support of the Global Vision 2020 to emphasize the effort to reach new goals in membership, attendance, and church planting.  

March 08, 2016

Colombia Assembly

The Colombia Southwest District held their 31st assembly this week end. General Superintendent Eugene Duarte presided as Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento translated. Missionary Luis Meza helped with logistics. Dr. Duarte had the opportunity to visit the Cali Pasoancho Church which has 6 services on Sunday. Special thanks to the Cali church for the pictures. 

Venezuela First District Convention and Assembly

The Venezuela First District held it's 33rd district assembly and conventions this past weekend in the Community Tree of Life, the Flor Amarrilo, Church of the Nazarene in Valencia,  Venezuela. Sunday morning the church finished their missions celebration and project by inviting a native of Haiti, Pastora Marie Solange, from La Vega church in Caracas to share with them. 

   The church people from the Cartanal Haitian Church in Caracas.  

    Pastors, District Superintendents and national leaders.
Olga Mujica, National NMI President has prepared a poster to present missions in a visual way.         

 Delegates from the Antimano Hatian Church in Caracas.

District President Mary Prado is leading the NMI convention that was held before the assembly. A special thanks to the Venezuela church people for the pictures.