March 14, 2016

Ecuador Sierra Centro District

The Ecuador Sierra Centro District held their 27th assembly this Friday. General Superintendent Dr. Eugenio Duarte presided as Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento translated. The service started with a time of prayer on our knees asking for God's guidance.  District Superintendent Mario Paredes was re-elected for another four years and the district now has 64 organized churches. 9 new churches were organized this year. The picture is Mario Paredes and his family with the dignitaries. Left to right: General Superintendent Dr. Eugenio Duarte, Melissa, Aaron, Mayra and District Superintendent Mario Paredes, Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento, and NAF Director Dwight Rich. In back is Kevin Paredes

The service started with a time of prayer on our knees asking for God's guidance. 

District Superintendent Mario Paredes is praying over his pastors and new leaders. 

Behind every good man is a Godly woman.  Mario's wife, Mayra, stood beside him in support as he gave his report. 

Pastors praying for pastors

Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento translated from Portuguese to Spanish for General Superintendent Dr. Eugenio Duarte. 

The Sierra Center District is made of two cultures.  The Spanish culture and the Indigenous Quechua culture. 
The pastors are gathered around District Superintendent Mario Paredes showing support of the Global Vision 2020 to emphasize the effort to reach new goals in membership, attendance, and church planting.  

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