November 25, 2012

Everybody Loves Kyle!

 Kyle Steinke is very famous for the voice that scares you when you first open up the NILI web page or some may know him better from NYC Conference when the video was shown over and over.  Another phrase is "And I got college credit" Kyle is an graduate and came to the NILI program.  While here he felt more of a desire to get involved in what was going on, on the field. After finishing the NILI program he came back to work in W & W with us as a Mission Corps for a while then later he started working in the NILI program as a staff member.  If you know Kyle he was not just doing one thing, he loved to take people on excursions to the various tourist spots that has to offer, he started leading the sports program for the seminary, he went to the SAM Youth Congress in .  He is so out-going and and loves to be active that you found him involved in almost everything.  

   About a month ago Kyle started having some problems with pain in his chest and after testing found out that his hearts stops at night while sleeping.  He is now in the states getting more test run for what he needs to do.  While he was here one of his main concerns was the finances to pay for all the test.  It is obvious the test are more in the states than they would be here but still it was a growing concern.  When Kyle got to the states he had some testing done and the specialist were very concerned and really hadn't seen anything like his condition. The specialist was sure that other medical staff would be interested in his case and will want to write up articles in medial magazines.  Which means that probably there will be no cost for all that is going to be done!!!  We are not really surprised to hear this because these things just seem to follow Kyle wherever he goes.  Everyone Loves Kyle!  At the present Kyle is living with his sister and her family since they are close to the hospital where he is getting his test done and he will get to reconnect with his nephews!  
   Everyone will miss Kyle but we know that God is going to open his boundaries and do something great through him.   We lift them up in prayer for what God has in store for them. 

November 02, 2012

Missionary Special Occasions

It is often said here in Ecuador that the country has so many holidays they like to celebrate whatever occasion.  Some of the holidays even have streets named after them. We as missionaries like to get together and celebrate special occasions as well, such as birthdays.  Even if there are two birthdays in the same month we will have two separate celebrations!  AndrĂ© Almeida, son of Fernando and Liliana, and Jon Fischer had birthdays close to the same day in Oct so we celebrated them together.  Andre turned 9 years old and Jon well, he is another year older and wiser.