March 29, 2017

New Global Serve Volunteer

Global Serve- On the NAF we welcome Global Serve Volunteers and like to help them with their future calling.  We appreciate their time, dedication and sacrifice to serve.
     We want to welcome our new Global Serve Volunteer Emma Evans from Strong, Maine that will be in Ecuador for 3 months. This is her 4th time to come to Ecuador but Emmathe first time to come without her family.
     Emma earned half of the money for her expenses by shoveling snow off roofs and sidewalks, babysitting, and helping to grocery shop for an elderly couple. The rest of the money was given as donations.
      Emma is the daughter of Rev. John Mark and Caroline Evans who are pastors of the Church of the Nazarene in Strong, Maine.
Please pray for her as she wants to serve and to know more about missions since she feels God is calling in her in that direction.  Also pray for her as she adjusts to the culture.
Click here to see what her great uncle wrote about her, "Live Your Dream, Emma." 

Short Term Trips- Lifetime Impacts

The Lubbock, TX Work and Witness team worked in the Sierra Centro District Center in Riobamba, Ecuador. The team welcomed Dan from OH at the last minute. They put the roof on the third story District Center which will be used for housing of families and couples during retreats and conferences.
      While the construction was taking place the rest of the team worked closely alongside the leaders in the area and held VBS classes everyday for the children that came to the center.  As many as 75 children came to hear Bible Stories with fun crafts and games to follow.
      The leadership of the District Center fixed most meals for the team to allow them to have time to minister.  The team firmly believed in covering their days in prayer and praising Him all day long.  It was as if the heavens opened up in the devotional times. They prayed as they were putting up the beams on the 3rd floor, they prayed over the Nazarene School and leaders that they visited, they did a prayer walk in the neighborhood they were working in and covered Superintendent Mario Paredes and family in prayer before they left.
      Since the Praise Team was in the group it was be fitting to sing and give testimonies during the 4 hour returning trip to Quito. There were many tears as the goodbye's and hugs were given to the children on the last night but the team has the assurance that God has the children in His protecting arms.  Missionary Shirley Fischer, said, "The team was a breathe of fresh air and they were the encouragement i needed, it was like being in "church" all day long."  
      One youth on the team, Jon, said ," I never realized I would have such a great time on a missions trip." 
"Short term trips=life-time impacts"- quote from team leader Jake




God Always Has a Plan

The OH Work and Witness team worked on the North Coast District Center and held evangelism activities at several churches in Santo Domingo.  Even though it rained almost every day and almost all night long some nights, they were able to get accomplished what needed to be done.
The team started off with a pretty rough start with three of their team members not being able to come and discovering it just days ahead and on the same day of their travels.
The first day one of the men fell and hurt his ankle/foot and was not able to work at construction at all. God lead us to an American Doctor that had been practicing in the clinic for over 20 years.  It was hard for Ken to not be able to work, but through the week God revealed some things to him.
The team worked hard at putting inner walls on the bottom floor of the District Center and the evangelism team visited several churches and loved on the children.
One day while the the children were working on their craft of creating their faces to show that they were wonderfully made, one girl put a sad face on her craft.  Missionary Shirley Fischer talked with Yulie to find out why she was sad.  Yulie had heart surgery when she was younger and now that she is 14 she still worries at night that she might die.  The team surrounded her and prayed for her to ask Jesus into her heart and to give her peace. 

                                                This is beautiful Yulie with Matt.  Yulie is almost 15 
                                                and has a heart problem.

The children from the team's church made a banner with their names on it for the children.  The children put their names on a banner for the children at the OH church.  

District Assemblies

Colombia Central North District ordination service in Bogotá.
photo credits: Juan Soto

The Colombia Northeast District Assembly and Ordination service were held at the Los Colorados and the Church of the Nazarene La Gloria Postrera.  

The Ecuador Coast District held it's District Assembly at the El Sembrador Church of the Nazarene in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  General Superintendent Eugenio Duarte ordained 4 pastors.  pictures by: Esdras Jimenez

The Lago District held it's District Assembly at the La Trinidad Church of the Nazarene in Maracaibo, Venezuela.  District Superintendent Carlos Cordero gave his report and Regional Director Dr. Christian Sarmiento presided the assembly and ordained 3 pastors

New Missionary Family Coming to Ecuador

Carlos and Isabel Juárez have served together as intern missionaries since September 2014 on the South America Region. Carlos serves in the Ministry of Communications. Isabel serves as the assistant to the regional SDMI coordinator. Carlos and Isabel have two children, Katherine and Nathalie. Their home church is on the Guatemala Central District. Carlos and Isabel are being commissioned as missionaries on global assignment to Ecuador

Carlos and Isabel are on the far right.