February 28, 2017

Meet the Venezuelan Seminary Students


                Victoria Bramble                                                 William and Genesis Rivero

Meet the Seminary Students from Venezuela!

Praise the Lord some individual donors made it possible through scholarships for 3 Venezuela students to come and study at the Quito, Ecuador Theological Seminary.
William and Genesis Rivero are from a new start church outside of Caracas on Primero District. Genesis's parents started a new start church in Caracas which was recently organized.
Victoria Bramble lives in Calabozo, Venezuela and is also from the Primero District.
These students want to become better leaders so they can return to their own country and share the HOPE of Jesus Christ to their hurting people. Pray for them as they study as it will be hard to be away from family and friends. they Pray for them as they make new friends in Ecuador.

Praise the Lord His Church is Growing!

The Llanos District Assembly in Venezuela was held in Barinas.  We give thanks to the Lord for the re- election of District Superintendent Rafael Trejo to serve another 4 years. DS Rafael and his family are pictured above. 
District Superintendent Hernán Puga from Quito, Ecuador, far right, presided over the assembly. 
photo credits: Jose Antonio Gallardo Piña

The Sur Occidental District of Colombia held it's 32nd District Assembly in the Casa de Oracion Church of the Nazarene in Cali, Colombia.  
District Superintendent Jerrison Ambuilia gave a report that one new church was organized this year to make 39 organized churches. The district added 651 new members bringing the the total to 15,906 members.  Praise the Lord! 
The assembly was presided by Missionary and District Superintendent Luis Meza. 
pictures by: Juan Soto


Ecuador's Austro District held it's District Assembly at the Church of the Nazarene in Macas, Ecuador. District Superintendent Antonio Luceroshared his report.
Missionary and NAF Director Dwight Rich presided over the assembly. 

photo credits; Alba Cristina Patiñophoto credits; Alba Cristina Patiño

Youth Couple Grows up to be DS's on Their Home District

The Primero District Assembly in Venezuela was held at the Flor Amarilla Church of the Nazarene in Valencia.  We give thanks to the Lord for Rev. Eudo Prado and his wife Mary for serving as District Superintendent for over 10 years.
Former District Superintendent Eudo Prado and Central District Superintendent Julio Rivera are praying with newly appointed DS Jimmy de Gouveia and his wife Lisbeth who are pastors of the Jesús la Esperanza Church of the Nazarene in San Diego de los Altos, Venezuela where they both grew up.
District Superintendent Jimmy also serves as the South America Nazarene Youth International Coordinator Click on the link to learn more about the newly appointed DS. http://engagemagazine.com/content/venezuelan-churches-grow-through-prayer-and-planting

photo credits:  Leda Fernanda De Gouveia

The Central North District in Bogatá, Colombia held it's District Assembly in the Dios Te Ama Fontibón Church of the Nazarene.
District Superintendent Cesar Oswaldo Avellaneda gave a report that the district has 11 missions and this year they organized 2 new churches.
The assembly was presided by Missionary and District Superintendent Luis Meza. 

pictures by: Juan Soto

Ecuador's Sierra North District held it's 28th District Assembly at the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Quito, Ecuador.  Congratulations to District Superintendent Hernán Puga for being re-elected for another 4 year term to continue to lead the 41 organized churches on the district.
Missionary and NAF Director Dwight Rich presided over the assembly. 

photo credits; sf

NAF District Assemblies

The months of February and March are a time of great rejoicing with our churches during District Assemblies.   Below you will find pictures of different NAF Assemblies.

The Colombia Northwest District Assembly was held at the Manantial Church of the Nazarene in Medellin, Colombia and was presided by Rev. Cesar Avellaneda.
District Superintendent Rev. Teófilo Caicedo testified that during this last year his district has re-activated three churches!
 photo: Juan Soto

The Colombia Eje Cafetero's assembly was held at the Central Manizales Church. District Superintendent Rev. Luis Meza encouraged the leaders and pastors to continue seeking the Lord.  
The assembly was presided by Rev. William Calderon.  Rev. Juan Soto  and Pastor Milton Mateus spoke about "Living the Great Commission.”  We praise the Lord for the 9.6% growth. photo: Juan Soto

The Andino District in Veneuzela held their assembly at the Michelena Church of the Nazarene. District Superintendent of the Lago District, Carlos Cordero presided over the assembly and gave diplomas to some of the graduates who earned their diplomas from the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Quito Ecuador. Nine graduates from Venezuela were not able to attend the graduation in Quito so three from the Andino District received their diplomas during the district assembly. The graduates are Rev. Alexi Serrano, Petra de Moreno and  Agustin Jaimes. Agustin had the highest GPA of all seminary graduates this year.  photo: Allan Jose Díaz.

Men Working for the Lord!

We give praise for the Fergus Falls, MN Work and Witness team. They worked hard at making much needed improvements at the Church Campground on the North Coast District. Some of the improvements were replacing two roofs, one on the dinning hall and one on a bathroom. They tiled a bathroom and worked on many other projects.  God gave them great health and multiplied their hours of work.
 May God bless them as they continue to keep missions alive in their church. The team leader was Tim Baker, Executive Pastor of the Fergus Falls Church of the Nazarene.  Tim and his family formerly served as Nazarenes in Volunteer Service with the Fischers in Venezuela and also were NIVS in Ecuador.  Luke his son is presently serving as a Global Serve Volunteer in Ecuador.

February 05, 2017

Venezuela Scholarships
We have 5 Venezuelans that have been accepted!
We are praying for people who would like to be involved in sponsoring a Venezuelan student by making a donation to the Venezuelan Seminary Scholarship for the year 2017.  We are asking that you would help partner in prayer and or in scholarship funding.
 If you feel that you would not be able to fully support one student, we are asking for gifts of any amount that can be joined with other gifts to support a student. The next semester begins in January 2017.
Quito Seminary The yearly cost for a Venezuelan student to come to study in our Seminary in Quito is $2520 for students at an entry level and $2700 for students seeking a degree. This includes tuition, food, and housing.  Every student can receive an institutional work scholarship for $1400.  So we are looking to provide a NAF scholarship of $1120 or $1300 depending on the program.
  Any amount will help.
Ven flag

If the Lord leads, you may contribute by credit card by clicking on the donation button, "I want to help a Venezuelan Student", below and it will be given through the North Andean Field Partnership.  To send a check, follow the instructions below.
       *When you make your donation would you send an email to naf.prayerline@gmail.com  to let us know you made a donation to Venezuela Scholarships.
     Thank you for joining us in prayer.  
I want to help a Venezuelan Student

Ecuadorian Missionary Speaks on Family Issues

     We ask you to continue to pray for the new Missionaries Eduardo Meza and his wife, Rocio, as they are speaking in churches around Ecuador during their Home Assignment before they leave for Argentina and Uruguay.
    They were asked to speak to a group of more than 450 parents in the province of Bolivar. Three congregations from new start churches in Echeandia, Sabanetillas, and San José de Camarón, came to listen and learn in a family conference.
    Please pray for these families as they try to put into practice in their own homes what they learned.
Eduardo Meza