February 28, 2017

Meet the Venezuelan Seminary Students


                Victoria Bramble                                                 William and Genesis Rivero

Meet the Seminary Students from Venezuela!

Praise the Lord some individual donors made it possible through scholarships for 3 Venezuela students to come and study at the Quito, Ecuador Theological Seminary.
William and Genesis Rivero are from a new start church outside of Caracas on Primero District. Genesis's parents started a new start church in Caracas which was recently organized.
Victoria Bramble lives in Calabozo, Venezuela and is also from the Primero District.
These students want to become better leaders so they can return to their own country and share the HOPE of Jesus Christ to their hurting people. Pray for them as they study as it will be hard to be away from family and friends. they Pray for them as they make new friends in Ecuador.

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