February 24, 2014

Church Plants in Sierra Centro District

The Ecuador Sierra Centro District has launched a new church planting initiative to plant 10 new churches in 2014 in partnership with Compassion International and Stadia.  5 new starts have begun and 4 of the new pastoral couples were presented at the District Assembly.  All church plants are in poor areas of Ecuador.  These couples are all moving away from families and the comforts of their own areas to serve the Lord.   We will be introducing them in the following weeks. 
The four pastor couples to start new church plants.
Sierra North District Assembly led by District Superintendent HernĂ¡n Puga foto by Kurtis Strunk

The Right Taxi Driver

Ecuador Extreme Ibarra  
The Ibarra team has been searching for a place to rent to hold church services. Finally they found a place to look at but it needed a lot of repair and the price was too high.  As they waited for a taxi to look elsewhere, many taxis just passed them by.  Finally one stopped and as they were discussing what to do, the driver overheard and mentioned that he had a place to rent.  It turned out to be close to the first place and fit all their needs.  Praise the Lord!
 The first service is to be held this Sunday, March 2.  This new church plant does not have any funding for chairs or instruments.  Please pray with them as they pray and fast, that God would provide what they need and that God will help them as they boldly take the Gospel to the City of Ibarra.

February 16, 2014

Tearing Down and Building Walls

What a blessing it was to have the Aurora, CO Work and Witness team in Quito to help in the remodeling of the seminary kitchen.  They were a big help in tearing all cabinets and counters out and also putting up some walls to start the new kitchen. It was a small team of 6 but along with the students from the seminary that helped it was a just the right amount of people for the project.  Since the kitchen was under construction the team enjoyed meals with the seminary students and staff prepared by the seminary convention center services, CENIC. Pastor Martin, the pastor of the team was invited to speak at chapel one morning. The team also attended church services in which one was a mission service held in a portable chapel.  One of the volunteers that participated with the team helped with the construction of the chapel. Three Mission Corps from Oregon were a part of the team also. This team was small but they were a great help furthering the remodeling.  
The three Mission Corps from Oregon were Keith and Nancy Spicer and Ron Boeve.  Keith and Ron worked in the Work and Witness shop fixing and repairing tools and also worked on making a log splitter.  Most of the parts for the log splitter were brought in Ron's carry on and it is a good thing the airlines didn't weigh his carry on!  Nancy did some paintings of flowers for gifts for us to give when needed and kept the dogs, Jack and Nakita company.  Keith came down last year and spent some time with a team while he was waiting for his motorbike to arrive from Oregon so he could take a month like trip across South America.  We are so grateful for our short term and long term missionaries.

Sunday School at Colinas del Norte
Front row: Pastor Martin, Don, Joyce, Ron, Second Row: Nancy and Keith, Jack, Lynn and Brenda.  Aurora CO team and Mission Corps from Oregon.  

Starting the "tear down" before picture

Since the seminary kitchen was being torn apart the team ate lunch with the seminary and NILI students provided by CENIC, the convention center staff.

break time, getting to know each other time.  

Don worked a little too hard with this tool.

The after picture 

Pastor Martin spoke in chapel 

starting to put upsome walls.  The bathroom entrance is being changed.

Pastor Russ Martin enjoying a foto opportunity and to help out a little boy.