October 02, 2015

Update on Marion Rich- Mother of Dwight Rich

Marion Rich, Dwight’s mother suffered severe chest and head trauma in a traffic accident on Tuesday, September 29.  This is an update to her condition.  She continues in the trauma center ICU in the Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia.  She has more injuries than we originally reported.  She has numerous bone fractures including her sternum, left clavicle, numerous ribs and multiple fractures of the same rib.  She received 8 staples in her head to close a gash.  A cat scan showed blood on her brain.  Stomach surgery was performed to eliminate internal bleeding.
> But we thank the Lord and each one of you for your prayers.  Marion is responding to questions and has been changed to an almost sitting position.  All bleeding has been stopped and her blood pressure is normal.  All vital signs are good and we are encouraged.  She continues to be on a respirator but is initiating each breath herself without the respirator. She is still critical and the road to recovery will be long.  The doctors are amazed at how she has responded to date and we know that a great and mighty God who is on the throne is listening to the prayers of His children.
> Please continue to help us pray.