May 22, 2009

God Does What Doctors Said Was Impossible--Twice!

After trying to have a child and visiting many doctors, Roberto and Rita Quinatoa, discovered that she had a condition that prevented her from carrying a pregnancy to term.  Many specialists later, any available treatments were financially beyond their reach.  They began to consider adoption.  This was a very emotional time for the couple, especially for Rita who felt guilty for not being able to bear children.  With a lot of people praying for them, they continued to put their lives in God’s hands.

After a time, Rita became very sick and had several medical exams to determine the cause.  The exams confirmed that she was pregnant but it was a very high-risk pregnancy.  At 8 months, she delivered Stefano who was very small and had to be incubated.  At 20 days old he caught a life-threatening infection but God brought him through.  Now he is 2 ½ years old, and the family gives God all the glory for the health of their son.

After two years, a second pregnancy proved even more dangerous as Rita developed preeclampsia, which causes the baby to receive less air and food as well as causes toxemia for the mother.   However, Roberto and Rita knew that God was in control, and they felt God’s care.  The extra medical bills caused economic difficulties but their confidence remained in God.  25 days after baby Eliana was born, she developed bronchial pneumonia and was put in intensive care for several days.  Thanks be to God that Eliana is now 5 months old and is growing very well.  Roberto says, “Everything that God has brought us through has demonstrated the grand love that God has for us.”

Roberto and Rita Quinatoa are graduates of our Seminary and currently pastor a church in Quito.  In addition, Roberto is also the Director of the Extension Studies program for the Seminary.  We praise God for His faithfulness to this precious family.