June 10, 2015

Prayers for Paty

Ruth Patricia Alvarez Moreno a beloved secretary for more tan 10 years in the North Andean Field and the Ecuador Mission, passed away on June 12, 2015. She was 42 years of age.
After fighting against an aggressive cancer for more than two months, her body couldn’t resist any longer. According to the words of her son Israel, 20 years of age, and her sister, Amparo and brother, Freddy Alvarez, her departure to heaven was “very sweet”. She simply closed her eyes as someone going to sleep and went to be with the Lord.
“Paty”, as she was called, was known for her great spirit of humility and simplicity. She was always attentive to everyone with a smile and she was  responsible and served with joy for her Lord. She also took on duties of the district and was efficient in whatever she did.
There were more than 300 in attendance at the funeral which showed that Paty touched the lives of many people. In addition to her work in the North Andean Field Office she created two ministries for children and teens in two Churches of the Nazarene in the Ecuador Sierra Norte District. Paty worked untiringly with these children. Many of them came to the funeral to honor her. Thanks be to God for her life’s testimony. She will greatly will be missed.

MNU Interns

We praise the Lord for the MNU Internship program that is in Quito, Ecuador where two MNU students come for 6 weeks to serve in a missions experience. This year Emma Bowers and Taylor Fries were chosen
left to right:  Emma Bowers and Taylor Fries. This was taken at the Galapagos while they were here in the NILI program.
for the internship. The first three weeks they traveled with the PLNU Love Works ministry team and the rest of time they will be working on projects. They are both former NILI '13 students. Pray for them as they continue to seek God's will in their nursing careers.
Emma is from Wakefield, KS and is a senior nursing student at MNU. She chose nursing because she wants to be involved in medical missions.  After graduation she plans to work for a couple of years before applying to grad school to be a nurse practitioner.
Taylor is from Nebraska and is a senior nursing student at MidAmerica Nazarene University. She decided to go into nursing her senior year of high school because she wanted to be a medical missionary and help provide medical care to those who don't have it available. She plans to become a nurse practitioner after working for a few years or doing Peace Corps, and then working overseas.

Story of Esteban

Read the story of how God is working a miracle in Esteban's life, a gang member in the Ibarra church.  The 40/40 missionaries met Esteban through an evangelical outreach event they hosted in a public park. They had a breakdance competition and Esteban and a few of his friends showed up and entered the contest. From there, Esteban got connected with the 40/40s and through the friendships he made with these young christian adults, God started to call out to his heart. Ultimately, God got ahold of it!

Extreme in Ibarra and PLNU Love Works

Praise the Lord for the first organized Ecuador Nazarene Extreme church which is Puerta Abierta in Ibarra and is pastored by Pastor Yoan and Pastora Astrid Camacaro. Yoan is from Venezuela and attended the seminary in Quito Ecuador. District Superintendent Hernán Puga preached a motivational sermon and officiated the organization service.  Kurtis Strunk, cluster coordinator shares the following: "What a fun day! This morning was a special service here in Ibarra. District and Regional leaders came to organize the church formally. We had 131 present from our city, not including our leadership team and those who came to visit from Quito. Standing room only is a great problem to have. Now we pray that God leads us to just the right land to purchase for the construction of a new building this year. Your kingdom come, Jesus."

NAF Field Strategies Coordinator Dwight Rich is praying over Pastors Yoan and Astrid Carmarco while missionaries Carolyn Rich and Shirley Fischer and District Superintendent Hernán Puga are standing by.  

We praise the Lord for the many children and adults that the PLNU Love Works team and the MNU interns ministered to.  They safely traveled over 1.300 miles to four districts sharing the love of Jesus in songs dramas and just playing with children in our Nazarene churches and one public school. They first traveled to the Coast District and held many services for children, cleaned up around one of the churches and put a roof on a bathroom. The District Superintendent Eduardo Meza traveled with them to the many areas and participated with them. Sunday they attended church and then spent the day with the Meza family taking in some of the sights in the Guayaquil area.   In one area they encouraged a church by cleaning up the yard and putting a new roof on their bathroom.  In another area they painted a chapel and dug out and carried concrete in buckets for the floor of a bathroom.  They learned many things about the culture, the people and the food of Ecuador.  They loved on the children and have special memories of them in their hearts and new friends they will be praying for. Several shared that their missions experience in Ecuador may change how they are thinking of their future. Please remember them in prayer as they are back at their homes and searching for ways to tell their experiences and stories so that friends and family can understand why they left a little piece of their hearts in Ecuador. The pictures below show some of their ministry experiences.