February 05, 2017

Venezuela Scholarships
We have 5 Venezuelans that have been accepted!
We are praying for people who would like to be involved in sponsoring a Venezuelan student by making a donation to the Venezuelan Seminary Scholarship for the year 2017.  We are asking that you would help partner in prayer and or in scholarship funding.
 If you feel that you would not be able to fully support one student, we are asking for gifts of any amount that can be joined with other gifts to support a student. The next semester begins in January 2017.
Quito Seminary The yearly cost for a Venezuelan student to come to study in our Seminary in Quito is $2520 for students at an entry level and $2700 for students seeking a degree. This includes tuition, food, and housing.  Every student can receive an institutional work scholarship for $1400.  So we are looking to provide a NAF scholarship of $1120 or $1300 depending on the program.
  Any amount will help.
Ven flag

If the Lord leads, you may contribute by credit card by clicking on the donation button, "I want to help a Venezuelan Student", below and it will be given through the North Andean Field Partnership.  To send a check, follow the instructions below.
       *When you make your donation would you send an email to naf.prayerline@gmail.com  to let us know you made a donation to Venezuela Scholarships.
     Thank you for joining us in prayer.  
I want to help a Venezuelan Student

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