March 29, 2017

New Global Serve Volunteer

Global Serve- On the NAF we welcome Global Serve Volunteers and like to help them with their future calling.  We appreciate their time, dedication and sacrifice to serve.
     We want to welcome our new Global Serve Volunteer Emma Evans from Strong, Maine that will be in Ecuador for 3 months. This is her 4th time to come to Ecuador but Emmathe first time to come without her family.
     Emma earned half of the money for her expenses by shoveling snow off roofs and sidewalks, babysitting, and helping to grocery shop for an elderly couple. The rest of the money was given as donations.
      Emma is the daughter of Rev. John Mark and Caroline Evans who are pastors of the Church of the Nazarene in Strong, Maine.
Please pray for her as she wants to serve and to know more about missions since she feels God is calling in her in that direction.  Also pray for her as she adjusts to the culture.
Click here to see what her great uncle wrote about her, "Live Your Dream, Emma." 

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