March 26, 2009

Spotlight on Matt and Kerri Burns

Jefferson, Matt, Kerri and Rosita

The Burns are Mission Corps volunteers from Canada that have been working with children in Santo Domingo since the first of January.  Matt and Kerri have a burden for children’s ministry—for the children themselves and to teach others how to work with children.  They use their talents to entertain the children and to share the gospel through Bible stories.  Matt’s prayer is that when the children walk away from the church they say, “WOW, I want to come back and I want to bring my friends with me.”  Matt has taken this program to India, to Africa four times and to Ecuador twice.  Matt participated in an 800-km unicycle race to raise funds for the program.

As the Burns worked in a local church, they were able to train pastors Jefferson and Rosita.  They are confident that the pastors will continue the program after they leave next week.  The program and props are very simple so that the locals gain the confidence that they can also lead the program without a lot of money.  They’re also excited that the church has doubled in size since they arrived.  In addition to working in the church, Matt and Kerri worked in a Compassionate International program at the Nazarene campground.

We are thankful for their ministry while they’ve been here these past three months.  The fact that they are newlyweds demonstrates their willing spirit to serve where God leads.  We pray that God will continue to bless their ministry as they seek His will for their lives.

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