February 15, 2015

Stories of Ecuador Ambato Extreme Team


Brandon: Staying Positive on the Mission Field. On the surface, someone might look at Brandon and describe him as a cheeseball. He’s loveable, easy to talk to, and always good for a laugh. He’s an Oregon kid, so yeah, doesn’t that say a lot too? He’s a hipster in the making. Once he makes it back to his homeland and thrift stores are on every corner, he’s gonna be decked out in plaid flannels. Seriously though, when you get to really know this guy more, deeper than the Oregon luster, you realize something; he is lost in a romance with God.  Read more about Brandon


David: The Surrendered Life. At the height of an extremely successful musical career in the Christian metal band For Today, God called David Morrison to leave it all behind to serve as a 40/40 in South America.  Talk about something that didn’t make any sense at the time, but David had already resolved in his heart that he would follow Christ wherever He would lead. Read more about David

CJ:  The Year of No Fear.  God bave me a sure promise for my year, a New year's vow for 2015.  God prophesied over my life a year of NO FEAR.  What does that even mean???
Just months ago, someone was having a deep discussion with me about fear, and I had to honestly admit that I couldn't imagine a life without fear.  Read the rest of CJ's story

Nikol: The Srtong.  “I don’t want it to be me, but the Spirit of God speaking to others’ lives, claiming them, calling them out, and calling them forth in service for His work. Something I feel I need to do is speak the Word of God with my mouth, and I don’t want that to be me, but God Himself speaking. God should be the one calling them. I pray that God would beguile them to Himself and do His ministry and His work. I just want to be a useful instrument in God’s hands.” Read the rest of Nikol's story

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