January 23, 2016

Kurtis Strunk

Please remember to pray for Kurtis Strunk, Cluster parent of the Ibarra Nazarene Extreme team. This is what Kurtis said about his illness.
"Thank you to all who have been praying for me. I've been in the hospital in Quito for 4 days. They've eliminated many things but say I have a bacterial infection in my stomach, a sinus infection, parasites, some mystery virus and allergic reactions to earlier medications that complicated matters. They want to keep me one more day to make sure the latest meds agree with me and they'd like to run some more blood tests to rule out more serious stuff.
Our son got to visit me for the first time today. He was able to stay for about 15 minutes by hospital policy, but it was good to get a hug, a balloon and a quick conversation."

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