March 26, 2016

Pastor Yuris

Thank you for praying for Pastor Yuris Correa who is the pastor of the Punta de Mata Church on the First District in Venezuela.  He is recovering from Thyroid surgery and doing well in a hospital in Caracas, Venezuela.  God is using him in powerful ways to witness and minister to the other patients in the hospital.  He and his wife Karla had a prayer meeting one night in which they went room to room praying for patients until midnight.   He was able to witness to a youth boy that had a whole in his throat due to a bullet wound. Praise the Lord the young man accepted Christ the day before he was discharged.  Yuris said that God had a plan to use him while he was waiting for his medicines to arrive from Colombia.  Since the President shut down all government business in Venezuela last week they were not able to receive the medicine from a family member that was sending it.  Yuris and his wife are so thankful to God for all the people that have prayed, communicated with them and helped with getting the medicines to them. Yuris said, "We are victorious in Christ and it is good that I will be here to share an Easter Message with the patients that are here."  Pray that God will use Yuris as His servant to share the wonderful Easter Story of hope. Also pray that the medicines will arrive from Colombia next week.  Yuris and Karla have a little girl who they miss and have not been able to see because of the long distance from home to the hospital.

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