March 29, 2016

Update on Pastor Yuris

Pastor Yuris was able to minister to some of the patients in the hospital on Easter Sunday.   Yuris was an encouragement to a lady whose husband was having surgery for the second time.  The doctors told her that her husband could die or after the surgery they would have to leave the stomach open.  They prayed with her and her son during the surgery and the husband came out of the surgery with neither of the two options above.   They husband came through the surgery with no problems and is doing well.
There was a donor that donated money for the medicines which were found by a cousin in Medellin, Colombia.  The medicines were mailed yesterday and are on their way.  Pray that the medicines will arrive quicker than the designated time of April 6. The medicines left the shipping building this morning, Tuesday.  Yuris is praying that they will arrive this week!  He said yesterday, that it is tough being in the hospital and also not being able to see his little girl.  The hospitals only provide the basics; foods, medicines and needs of the patients need to purchased by the family outside the hospital. Yuris has been in the hospital for two weeks.  Pray that the medicines will arrive in God speed!
In the picture above District Superintendent Eudo Prado is visiting Yuris and his wife Karla.    

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