March 08, 2016

Venezuela First District Convention and Assembly

The Venezuela First District held it's 33rd district assembly and conventions this past weekend in the Community Tree of Life, the Flor Amarrilo, Church of the Nazarene in Valencia,  Venezuela. Sunday morning the church finished their missions celebration and project by inviting a native of Haiti, Pastora Marie Solange, from La Vega church in Caracas to share with them. 

   The church people from the Cartanal Haitian Church in Caracas.  

    Pastors, District Superintendents and national leaders.
Olga Mujica, National NMI President has prepared a poster to present missions in a visual way.         

 Delegates from the Antimano Hatian Church in Caracas.

District President Mary Prado is leading the NMI convention that was held before the assembly. A special thanks to the Venezuela church people for the pictures.

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