April 10, 2016

First Organized National Work and Witness Group

Missions is not only Global but in our own communities and the Torre Fuerte Church of the Nazarene from the North Coast District in Santo Domingo, Ecuador caught the vision of missions and organized a Work and Witness team.  The church raised their own money and sent a group of 20 people from their church in a bus over two hours to the Iglesia Valle Hermosa Church of the Nazarene in a small community of the Provence of ManabĂ­. 
Pastor Jefferson Estevez from the Torre Fuerte church had seen the great blessing his church and many other churches had received by Work and Witness teams and he said it was time for his church to give back. The Torre Fuerte church planed and raised money for almost a year and when the scheduled date arrived for their trip it had to be postponed because of flooding in the ManabĂ­ area.  This past week end, although it was still raining but not flooded, 30 church people including four people District Superintendent Santiago Bereche brought and Work and Witness Coordinator Jon Fischer worked together to help this little church have their own place to worship again. The congregation had been meeting in little wood building that fell over due to the heavy rains. 
The Torre Fuerte people slept in hot tents on the floor of a near-by church so as to ward off the mosquitoes that could carry the Zika virus that is prevalent on the coast.  They also enjoyed outdoor bucket showers, good seafood and great fellowship working together.  
Work and Witness Coordinator Jon Fischer believes in missions not only around the world but in your own community and has been encouraging the churches in Ecuador to develop Work and Witness teams to help struggling  churches.  Pastor Jefferson invited Missionary Jon to speak at his church to help his church catch the vision that a sending church receives a great blessing.  They caught the vision and raised $1,000 for their trip.  
Although there are churches in Ecuador that encourage and help other churches this is the first organized event to raise their own money and go.  We are encouraged and hope that many more will catch this same vision. Due to the rain there are no pictures available. We hope to have pictures in three weeks when the church returns to help finish. 

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