March 03, 2014

Cumanda New Church Plant Pastors

The Ecuador Sierra Centro District has launched a new church planting initiative to plant 10 new churches in 2014 in partnership with Compassion International and Stadia.  5 new starts have begun and we would like to introduce to you new pastors,Mykol and Janeth from Perú.

My name is Mykol Steve Cépeda Campos and I am 26 years old.  My wife's name is Janeth Elena Awananch Santos and she is 21 years old.  Our older daughter Yumi Noemi Cépeda Awananch is 3 years old.  We have a younger son that is 1 year.
    We are thankful to our Savior to whom we give the honor and for His call to which we respond to and accept with humility.  My wife and I ministered to Native Communities in Perú, which is our home country, serving in the Nuevo Horizonte in the Department of the Amazon with the tribe called the Awajunes.  After two years of ministry we received a special call to go to Ecuador to work with Mario Paredes who is now our District Superintendent and also our guide in the work to open a church in the town of Cumanda which is in the province of Chimborazo.  We ask all of you brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for our ministry but also for the work of our Creator.  Many blessings.

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