March 03, 2014

Inauguration Service for Ibarra

This was written by Kurtis Strunk- who is the cluster parent along with his wife Emily for the Ibarra team. 

Pastor Yoan Camacaro is talking and praying with
the people of his first church service. 
Yesterday was the inaugural service of the Church of The Nazarene here in Ibarra. There were 82 people present. Many from our organization came to support, as well as Christians from other Churches of The Nazarene in Ecuador. Of those present, 32 were from the city of Ibarra (not counting our Ibarra missions team). There were multiple first time decisions for Christ.
God is good! We could see His hand guiding all that happened, including the fact our dear friends & team-members, Kelly and Cole Williams & their kids, were able to be present at the service just a couple days before they move back to the States.

Thank you to all who helped us get here. You are part of God's story of redemption and restoration in Ibarra, Ecuador.

The Ecuador Extreme IbarraTeam

Astrid Iveth the pastor's wife is leading the Sunday School class

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