January 23, 2016

Update on Bruno

Thank you for your prayers for 6 year old Bruno Huamán and to the many people that have written comforting words of encouragement for the family.  We recently talked with Lenilde, the father and he said that it was a miracle the way God protected Bruno today. Bruno fell on top of his backpack to help break some of the impact when he was hit by a car.  The impact with the car was so strong that the people nearby that came out of their houses thought it was two vehicles that had crashed. The neighbors helped by calling 911 for the ambulance to take Bruno to the hospital.  After a thorough check up the hospital released him even though he has some bumps and bruises but he is home with his family tonight.  
Even though the neighbors that witnessed the accident are not Christians they are saying that it truly was a miracle.  We know that God will use this to help further His work for the kingdom. Bruno's parents are Lenilde and Consuelo Huamán the pastors of the Church of the Nazarene in Ambato, Ecuador. 
Thank you for your prayers!  God is faithful!

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