February 29, 2016

Would You Pray?

What if you lived in the murder capital of the world?  
Would you pray?
What if your wife had cancer and there was no medication available?  
Would you pray?
What if you had to stand in line for 9 hours to buy bread?
Would you pray? 
What if you couldn't go out after dark because of life-threatening danger?
Would you pray?
What if you made $25/month and a tire for your 1976 car cost $200?
Would you pray?

What if in your church you regularly saw...
- dozens of new followers of Jesus make a life-changing profession of faith
- saw instantaneous miracles of healing
- people divinely delivered from a lifetime of addiction, and crippling sin

- couples living together for years with multiple children kneeling before the Lord to ask Him to be the Lord of the home and getting married for the first time...

(Thoughts from Warren Lathem, Methodist missionary)

Today these situations are part of everyday life in Venezuela.

Would you pray? 

We are asking you to join us in prayer for the people of Venezuela who are living in these circumstances everyday.  8 out of 10 families cannot afford the cost of food in a week so they are eating only two meals a day.  

Please help us pray for these things:

  • Pray for safety
  • Pray for the emotional strain of providing the basic needs and that overall situation of the country would be improved. People can only buy food on certain days and the lines are so long. 
  • Pray for our pastors and leaders as they minister to their congregations and also to the communities around them.  
  • Pray for ones that need medical attention
  • Pray that they will continue to look to God for strength and hope.  
  • Pray that God will pour out his never ending love and mercy on the people of the country.  

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