April 10, 2016

Answered Prayer!

We need to give a shout out to the Lord for several people we have been praying for that have received an answer to their prayers. Thank you for joining us in prayer. 

Maria Soledad Mujica received an answer to prayer this week!  The Larkin Community Hospital in Miami which is her best option for for her cranial tumor procedure accepted her case! She and her family still need to raise the money for her surgery and her trip to Miami which will be $35,000+.  Maria Soledad Mujica is a member of the Los Pozones Church of the Nazarene in Barinas, Venezuela, and also is the local and district Women's Ministries Coordinator.  She and her husband hold a weekly Bible study in their home. 

Pray for Jim Cossairt to gain strength during two weeks more of rest from chemo. Pray for him as he relaxes his mind and body during this time.  In the last test that were run there is no more new cancer.  

Pastor Yuris Correa received his medicines via Federal Express and is home from the hospital after his Thyroid surgery. He is the pastor of the Punta de Mata Church on the First District in Venezuela. Keep him in your prayer that he will be able to find his life-time prescription medicines when he needs them. 

Judy Ryman had her second reconstructive facial of removal of Basal Cell Carcinoma surgery and is home recovering. The doctor said that everything went well.  She is overwhelmed with all the kindness everyone has shown her and her husband and it has been a great time to reflect on God's love and grow deeper into the word.  Judy is a member of the Nazarene Church in Garnett, KS and is the sister of Missionary Shirley Fischer in Ecuador.  

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