June 21, 2016

Moises carrying blocksA month ago the Torre Fuerte Nazarene Church in Santo Domingo went as a small Work and Witness team to help the Valle Hermoso, Beautiful Valley, church people with the building Moises carrying blocksf a new building.. Both congregations worked hard in the rain to finish as much as they could and this past week a small group went back to help them put the roof on their structure.  The willing workers came in all ages, from 6-92 to help with their church. 
Valle Hermoso is on the North Coast District in one of the areas that was affected by the earthquake but the small wood structure they were meeting in had previously collapsed due to heavy rains.   
Pastor Jefferson Estévez from the Torre Fuerte Church challenged his congregation to raise $1,000 towards the construction of the project.  There is still work to be done and the Valle Hermoso congregation will finish their church as they raise funds. 

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