June 21, 2016

A New Church Plant has a New Place to Worship

The PLNU LoveWorks '16 team finished three weeks of ministry in Ecuador today. The last two weeks were spent on two different districts. The first was in the Sierra Sur District where they put up a portable chapel for the new church plant in the small town of SIg-Sig.  The lady pastor travels two hours every week-end from Cuenca to minister to the people. The congregation had been meeting in a small adobe hut. 
The last week was spent on the North Coast District ministering to children and their parents.  About 4 hours from Santo Domingo they held a children's program in a small community where three small churches joined together.  The small church was packed f
ull as everyone participated in songs and activities.
Please pray for the PLNU LoveWorks team as they are flying out of Quito and returning to their homes tonight, Sunday.  Pray that they be able to use their Ecuador experience to better understand what God has in their future.  

The PLNU LoveWorks team with Pastora Nelly and leaders Jon and Shirley Fischer

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