June 21, 2016

God is Moving in Venezuela

We praise the Lord for the new plant church that has been started in the capitol of Venezuela, Caracas.  There are more than 7,000,000 people living in what is considered the 7th largest city in America.  Pastor Jimmy De Gouveia, has felt God’s leading to leave the comfort of his church on the outskirts of Caracas to start this new work.
Please pray for our Venezuela churches and congregations during this very difficult time. Food is extremely scarce and very expensive when it can be found. Two weeks ago we advanced $1500 to each of our 5 districts to help alleviate the suffering among pastoral families, church members, and community members that live close to our churches. If the Lord would lay it upon your heart to help with this immediate and urgent need you may donate through the NAF partnership following the instructions below.

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