June 21, 2016

passing roofing mateiral
The PLNU LoveWorks team worked at a newly organized Nazarene Church in Cumandá, Ecuador passing roofing mateiral in the Province of Bolivar, situated in the middle of a chocolate plantation. They put up the roof structure and finished putting on the roof as well as holding VBS classes for children of a Compassion Center of 200 children. The team made many new friends among the church leaders and have the thoughts of the precious children in their
hearts.  The last morning was a dedication service of the new building for the children and their parents.  All participated and thanked God for the new second floor that will serve as a kitchen and dining hall.  District Superintendent Mario Paredes led a short devotion on obedience to go along with the story of Jonah and the whale that the children presented.
The PLNU studenst continued their ministry this week in Cuenca, Ecuador where they put up a portable chapel for a small church two hours outside of Cuenca.
They will be working on the North Coast District this week doing small work projects and evangelizing.


Miguel Angel who is a new Christian and was baptized two weeks ago.  He worked with the team for a couple of days before he had to leave to start school in Puertoviejo.  Pray for him to grow in his Christian life and to be a light to others around him.  

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