June 21, 2016

Friendships Being Developed Through Medical Need

We have been praying for Maria Soledad and her husband Gilberto Joya from Venezuela and the situation of her cranial tumor for some months. They are in Miami and are being hosted by Pastor Oscar Rivera and his wife from the Jesus Mi Fiel Amigo Church of the Nazarene. 
The Joyas are praying and hoping to hear about funds from the Venezuelan government.  With the conditions the way they are in Venezuela they have no certainty it will happen.  They have family in Venezuela calling every week but with the new government employment regulations in place the office is only open two days a week and when the family calls they are put on hold for two hours and then the call drops.That leaves them with only the hope of being able to
talk with someone the next week.
There is a slight chance of the procedure being done in Venezuela but there us only one gamma ray machine in the country and it may not be available or functioning.  If the funds do not arrive for the procedure to take place in Miami, the second option is to raise $5000 and trust the Lord for the opportunity in Venezuela.
The Joyas are extremely grateful for all that God has done and provided for them and they have great faith that God will continue to provide.
If you would like to help the Joyas raise $5,000 for Soledad's Cranial surgery you make make a donation by clicking on the NAF Donation link below.  Also please be in prayer for Soledad's healing and her everyday comfort with the pain of her tumor.  May God be glorified!

            click the following link   If you would like to make a donation to the NAF

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